The 22 Best Tienda Mexicana Cercas City

The 22 Best Tienda Mexicana Cercas City

Mexico City’s culinary landscape is a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of rich traditions, innovative creativity, and an unyielding passion for flavor. From humble street food stalls to refined dining establishments, the city’s gastronomic scene offers an exquisite journey through tienda mexicana cercas cuisine. As you navigate the bustling streets, you’ll encounter an array of dining gems that encapsulate the essence of this dynamic metropolis. Let’s delve into the enchanting world of the 22 best restaurants in Mexico City, where every bite tells a story.

1. El Turix

One name resonates in the hearts of those seeking the epitome of cochinita pibil—El Turix. With the art of slow-roasting pork to perfection, El Turix elevates this tienda mexicana curcas delicacy to new heights. The harmonious blend of achiote and citrus infuses the meat with a tantalizing aroma and flavor that’s then crowned with pickled red onions. Whether nestled in panuchos, tacos, or tortas, every bite is a symphony of taste that transports you to the heart of Mexico.

2. Contramar

La Condesa’s heartbeat pulses within Contramar, where culinary artistry and leisurely dining unite. Amidst the artsy neighborhood ambiance, Contramar stands as a sanctuary for those who cherish the joy of a lingering meal. With a symphony of flavors and textures, the menu beckons you to savor every moment. As the afternoon unfolds into the evening, the air becomes alive with the clinks of brandy glasses and the exuberance of celebration, embracing the essence of Mexico’s culinary culture.

3. Quintonil

Quintonil reigns as a bastion of tienda mexicana cercas culinary prowess, a tribute to indigenous ingredients that shape the nation’s identity. Each dish tells a story of corn, beans, chiles, and mushrooms, interwoven into a symphony of taste that dances on your palate. The option to explore a tasting menu or choose à la carte highlights the culinary finesse of Quintonil, where even desserts like cheese flan with celeriac ice cream become edible poetry.

4. Pasillo de Humo

Ascending the stairs to Pasillo de Humo, you embark on a culinary pilgrimage to the heart of Oaxaca. This sanctuary within Mercado Parian reverberates with the soulful aromas of traditional Oaxacan delights. From the smoky tasajo to the velvety tlayudas, each bite transports you to bustling markets and open fires. The culinary traditions of Oaxaca come alive, inviting you to savor the authenticity of Mexico’s diverse flavors.

5. La Docena

In the heart of Mexico City, La Docena orchestrates a seafood symphony that celebrates the treasures of the ocean. Amidst the vibrant maritime mosaic, you’ll discover raw clams, agua chiles, octopus tostadas, and the irresistible allure of house-made aioli. Beyond the ocean’s embrace, the French fries and molten chocolate cake bring their own harmonious notes, crafting an experience that reverberates with culinary virtuosity.

6. Taqueria Orinoco

At Taqueria Orinoco, simplicity becomes a masterpiece as three types of meat—al pastor, bistec, and chicharron—create an opus of flavor. Each tortilla enfolds a symphony of taste, harmonizing with the piquant salsas that offer a fiery crescendo. Specialties like gringas and piratas delight the adventurous, while the fried donut dessert serenades with dulce de leche and banana ice cream, concluding the gastronomic performance on a sweet note.

Taqueria Orinoco

7. Panadería Rosetta

Panadería Rosetta weaves a symphony of baked treasures, drawing inspiration from Italian-inflected Mediterranean fare. The aroma of freshly baked pastries beckons you into a realm where guava and ricotta danishes, sweet conchas, and more invite you to savor the harmony of flavors. As the golden rays of morning embrace the stained glass windows, a crescendo of delectable delights awakens the senses.

8. Amaya

Amaya stands as an ode to culinary craftsmanship, where concrete columns and exposed ducts frame an urban-chic canvas. The farm-to-table concept thrives as indigenous tienda mexicana cercas ingredients paint the menu with vibrant hues of corn, beans, chiles, and rabbit. The symphonic fusion of Mexican tropes and seasonal local produce creates a harmonious dining experience that unfolds with unexpected twists.

9. Los Cocuyos

Los Cocuyos beckons carnivores to partake in an unforgettable feast of meat mastery. From tender brisket to the flavorful campechano mix, each taco boasts a symphony of textures and tastes. Served with expertly crafted tortillas and accompanied by piquant salsas, Los Cocuyos curates a gastronomic journey that resonates with every bite.

10. Expendio de Maiz sin Nombre

Expendio de Maiz sin Nombre stands as a culinary experiment, an enchanting journey through obscure regional dishes. With a diverse menu that showcases banana moles, bean quesadillas, and hoja santa tacos, each visit becomes an exploration of Mexico’s culinary tapestry. A canvas of flavors painted with love and creativity invites you to embrace the unexpected.

11. Joe Gelato

In a modern gelato haven, Joe Gelato redefines frozen delight with a tienda mexicana cercas twist. Amidst classic flavors, mezcal cream, coffee, and pan de muerto emerge as enchanting notes. The creamy texture mirrors the city’s vibrancy, and owner José Luis Cervantes’s warm presence guides you through a symphony of flavors that bridge cultures and culinary artistry.

12. Masala & Maíz

Masala & Maíz intertwines Mexican and Indian heritage in a culinary embrace that’s both bold and exquisite. With esquites infused with coconut milk and ginger and uttapam crafted from blue corn, the menu becomes a canvas of fusion flavors. The symphonic harmony of ingredients reveals the culinary prowess of husband-and-wife chef duo Norma Listman and Saqib Keval.

Masala & Maíz

13. Bacal

Bacal emerges as a canvas of culinary creativity, where guest chefs paint with flavors and ideas. The ever-changing menu dances between vegetarian Indian feasts, pescatarian celebrations, and eclectic culinary journeys. Each plate, a masterpiece that reflects the guest chef’s vision, becomes a part of the symphony that Bacal orchestrates with finesse.

14. Restaurante El Cardenal

Restaurante El Cardenal celebrates tradition through a breakfast symphony that resonates with hearts and appetites. The heartwarming blend of egg, tortilla, and black beans stands as a testament to tienda mexicana cercas breakfast heritage. Amidst the stained glass windows and charming ambiance, spiced hot chocolate and sweet conchas invite you to indulge in a morning serenade.

15. Galanga

Galanga, Mexico City’s defining Thai restaurant, harmonizes Thai and Mexican flavors with grace. Chef Somsri Raksamran’s artistry fuses seamlessly with tienda mexicana cercas influences, resulting in a culinary symphony that enchants the palate. Amidst bamboo and woven orbs, Galanga stands as a testament to the city’s embrace of global flavors.

16. Le Tachinomi Desu

Le Tachinomi Desu evokes Japanese elegance through a standing-room-only dining experience. A rotating menu showcases curries, sausages, hibachi dishes, and more. Guest chefs add their creative brushstrokes, shaping a culinary symphony that tests the boundaries of taste. In this petite space, the flavors of Japan find a harmonious home in the heart of Mexico.

17. Bottega Sartoria

Bottega Sartoria marries Italian and tienda mexicana cercas influences in a symphony of culinary delights. A charming café that entices with dried pasta, sauces, and artisanal products, Bottega Sartoria is a testament to Marco Carboni’s culinary vision. As vintage espresso machines and dangling ham legs set the stage, the café’s ever-changing bites harmonize with Italian and Mexican wines.

18. El Hidalguense

El Hidalguense stands as a beacon of barbacoa excellence, showcasing slow-cooked meats that melt in your mouth. With flavors that transport you to Hidalgo’s culinary heart, the succulent offerings become a harmonious celebration of tradition. As the meat is embraced by tortillas and adorned with onion and cilantro, a culinary symphony unfolds with each bite.

El Hidalguense

19. Mi Compa Chava

Mi Compa Chava transforms seafood into a symphony of flavors, offering solace to both the hungover and the eager. From artful aguachiles to selections from the cold bar, each dish resonates with the essence of Mexico’s coastal treasures. The airy space and outdoor tables encapsulate the vibrant spirit of Mexico’s coastal towns.

20. El Mirador de Chapultepec

El Mirador de Chapultepec offers a journey back in time, channeling 1950s Mexico through classic dishes. The menu reveres hearts of palm salad, beef broth soup, braised tongue, and salt-baked fish. As you savor these staid yet indulgent flavors, a culinary symphony unfolds, guided by the echoes of generations past.

21. El Vilsito

El Vilsito shines as a taqueria maestro, a sanctuary of al pastor excellence. The tantalizing aroma of spiced pork entices as it’s sliced from the vertical spit, ready to be embraced by tortillas. With the addition of pineapple, onion, and cilantro, each taco is a symphony of textures and tastes that resonates with authenticity.

22. Meroma

Meroma curates a sublime culinary composition, where husband-and-wife chefs Rodney Cusic and Mercedes Bernal weave seasonal ingredients into a harmonious tapestry. From oysters to pasta, each dish resonates with balance and creativity. The orecchiette with lamb merguez sausage and roasted broccoli emerges as a crescendo of flavor that lingers on the palate.


As your culinary journey through Tienda Mexicana Cercas City’s finest restaurants concludes, a symphony of flavors and experiences lingers in your memory. Each restaurant on this list offers a unique movement in the gastronomic orchestra that is Mexico’s culinary scene.

From the vibrant streets to the elegant dining rooms, the city’s culinary symphony reflects the nation’s rich heritage, innovative spirit, and unyielding passion for flavors that transcend borders and cultures. So, embark on this culinary adventure and savor the symphony that is the 22 best restaurants in Mexico City.

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