Top 25 Barber Shop Cerca De M? In London

Top 25 Barber Shop Cerca De M? In London

Hair is a piece of jewelry you shouldn’t take lightly, as it determines how you’re presented to the world. It could make people rate you highly or not even glance at you. This is why we’ve done detailed research to find the best barbershop cerca de m? in London that excels in every male grooming service. Whether you want a classic trim, a trendy haircut, or a traditional shave, there’s a barbershop available in London to suit your needs. Here are the top 25 barber shops in London that offer a unique blend of style, skill, and exceptional customer service.


Ruffians is not just a barber shop cerca de m?; it’s a men’s grooming store and lifestyle hub with numerous awards and accolades for its outstanding services. Their philosophy is simple – they want everyone who walks through their doors to feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed so that getting a haircut becomes an enjoyable experience rather than a chore. With unique design features and complimentary extras, Ruffians has set a high standard for customer service in the industry.

Joe & Co

Voted as the Best Men’s London barber shop cerca de m? by reputable publications like Esquire, GQ, and Time Out, Joe & Co is a contemporary barbershop based in the trendy neighborhood of Soho. While offering all the frills and services of a superior salon, Joe & Co focuses on maintaining an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Haircuts at Joe & Co are executed precisely by highly accomplished hairstylists hand-picked by Joe, ensuring you get a classic, creative, or modern style that suits your preferences.

Murdock London

If you want to look and feel sharp, Murdock London is the place to go. With a reputation for having some of the best barbers in London, their expert stylists can cut various styles to fit precisely what you want. Beyond their haircutting expertise, Murdock London has curated a selection of grooming products, kits, and tools so that you can recreate the barbershop experience at home.

Fella Hair

Fellow Hair takes pride in transforming men into confident individuals. With upscale shops, a unique layout, and excellent service, they ensure that every guy rocks the look they desire. At Fella Barber’s Point, customer satisfaction is taken seriously, and they make a conscious effort to provide you with the best barber experience, giving you your desired men’s haircut that suits your personality and style.

The Ned

The Ned is not just a hotel; it’s a complete experience. The opening of The Ned in 2017 was a significant event, as the team worked tirelessly for five years to repurpose the iconic building and also make it relevant again. Now, besides offering a range of men’s and women’s grooming services, The Ned features a variety of relaxation services that can make you feel like you’re on vacation, even in the heart of London.

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill is a barber shop cerca de m? that exudes tradition and sophistication. Founded in 1805, it has a distinguished heritage of serving nine generations of the royal family, providing them with top-notch haircuts and shaving services. Recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as one of the oldest barbershops in the world, Truefitt & Hill has been grooming men for greatness since its inception.

Truefitt & Hill

Ted’s Grooming Room

Ted’s Grooming Room was born to create a space where everyone can chat like old friends and also escape from their everyday routines. Inspired by the British style and global explorations, Ted’s Grooming Room offers an authentic experience of prestigious Turkish skills and also the cleanest shaves in London. Ted aims to provide the best London men’s haircut, ensuring every customer feels refreshed and rejuvenated.

Avanzato Grooming Lounge

Avanzato Grooming Lounge, founded by Stefan Avanzato, is a celebration of gentlemen and also a sanctuary for customers who want more than just a cut. As a London-based hair stylist and grooming consultant, Stefan brings his experience working in critical salons to create an upscale barbershop and consultancy. Having styled models and collaborated with Charity Style for soldiers, Stefan’s expertise reflects in the exceptional services provided at Avanzato Grooming Lounge.

Geo F Trumper

Geo F Trumper is a barbershop that offers excellent care, skills, and expertise honed over a century of service. With a reputation built on excellence, they exclusively provide haircutting, beard shaving, and also grooming services to gentlemen, making them a trusted name in London’s grooming landscape.

Jack The Clipper

Jack The Clipper has earned its place as a landmark within Spitalfields, not just for its excellent cuts and shaves but also as a tourist attraction for those taking part in the Ripper tour. Voted for numerous awards, including the best hairdressers for men in London, this shop has expanded to three branches. Jack The Clipper prioritizes cleanliness and also proper grooming, ensuring their customers always look their best.


With two locations in London, Manifesto combines a barber shop cerca de m?, and a store featuring quality apparel, tools, and also accessories. Their skilled central London barbers bring a mix of modern culture and traditional barbering experience, creating a unique blend of style that resonates with their diverse clientele.

Gentlemen’s Tonic

Gentlemen’s Tonic is an international and also award-winning luxury spa, grooming, and hair concept proudly founded in the heart of London in 2004. Drawing inspiration from style and luxury, they deliver high-quality service to a worldly and discerning client base. Gentlemen’s Tonic provides the best men’s haircuts in London and also offers premium treatments that don’t break the bank.

Gentlemen’s Tonic


Founded by Brent Pankhurst and Joann Gowland, Pankhurst London is a haven of masculinity located off Savile Row. With bespoke barbers’ chairs hand upholstered by Bentley’s leather artisans, it is the perfect place to indulge in a classic trim or an ultra-smooth shave. With a career that started under Vidal Sassoon, Brent Pankhurst has become one of Britain’s leading barbers and also style advisors.

RXB Barbers

At RXB Barbers, excellence in men’s grooming is the norm. This shop, opened in 2012, has been serving its community locally, offering a blend of class, culture, and comfort. Known for exceptional men’s haircuts in London, RXB Barbers provides expert barbering services and also offers free consultations to ensure customers get the desired look they envision.

The Lion & The Fox

Established in 2015 by hair stylist Tim Pateman and photographer Leo Cackett, The Lion & The Fox is a hair salon and gallery based on Hatton Wall, London EC1. Hosting a team of passionate and award-winning stylists and also colorists, the salon prides itself on using sustainable and vegan-friendly brands, making it a favorite for eco-conscious customers.

Supply 91

Supply 91, based in the heart of Islington, champions its customers’ well-being. With 19 years of combined experience in the hair industry, Maxwell Oakley and Luke Davies have come together to create a new style of barbershop that emphasizes not only great haircuts but also their client’s mental and emotional well-being.

Pall Mall Barbers

Pall Mall Barbers has been serving Londoners since 1896, establishing a legacy of excellence in grooming. Their team of professional staff is highly skilled and also knowledgeable, making them one of the best barbershops in London. They have even had the honor of cutting the hair of H.R.H. Prince William, solidifying their reputation for delivering exceptional service.

Fetter Barbers 

Fetter Barbers offers premium grooming services, from the standard cut and blow dry to highlights and the new Brazilian straightener. The shop creates an exciting and also comfortable environment for gentlemen and ladies to enjoy a premium grooming experience in London.

Fetter Barbers

Slider Cuts

Slider Cuts is one of the many black barber shop cerca de m? in London, significantly impacting the grooming world. Owned by Mark Maciver, a multi-award-winning barber with over 20 years of experience, Slider Cuts has nurtured an impressive client list and is also recognized as one of the UK’s top black businesses.

Huckle The Barber

Huckle The Barber, renowned for its welcoming surroundings and also authentic experience, offers traditional services in a relaxed, modern setting. With its stores in the heart of Shoreditch and Holborn, respectively, this barbershop is recognized for its roster of 21st-century traditional barbers and effortless hospitality.

Edward Holland

Edward Holland was established in 1967 and opened within the City of London in 1990. Serving both the local community and national and multinational companies operating in London, Edward Holland has a reputation for offering a high standard of traditional and contemporary barbering and men’s grooming services.

Rockerfella Barbers

Rockerfella Barbers offers the rockers and fellas of London a classy grooming service that keeps them looking sharp and also ready for business. Situated in the City of London, they offer their customers a space to escape from the hustle and bustle. With a team of talented London men’s barbers, they deliver the sharpest cuts and also the smoothest shaves.

Barber Barber

Founded by Johnny Baba over 25 years ago, the barber shop cerca de m? has been doing things differently from the start long before the men’s grooming revolution. After establishing his first shop in Limerick City, Ireland, Johnny expanded to Manchester in 2013, creating a barbershop that offers unique experiences and also sets new trends in grooming.

Sur Barber

Sur barber shop cerca de m? has been established in London for over ten years, providing a professional experience of traditional and modern barbering. With a dedication to customer satisfaction and happiness, Sur Barber continues to deliver top-notch services to its loyal clientele.

Swagger London

Swagger London sets the standard with impeccable service and also extensive knowledge of men’s haircutting and shaving for the ultimate luxury in men’s hairdressing. Opening its doors in 2016, it was created as a space where men could be pampered and also still feel masculine.


London boasts a vibrant and diverse barbering scene, with each of these top 25 barber shops offering its unique blend of style, skill, and exceptional customer service. From award-winning excellence to traditions and also contemporary experiences, London’s barber shops cater to various preferences and also needs. So, the next time you search for a “barber shop cerca de m?” in London, you can confidently choose one from this list and treat yourself to a top-notch grooming experience in the heart of this iconic city.

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