18 Best Restaurante Mexicano Serca De Mi In America

18 Best Restaurante Mexicano Serca De Mi In America

Mexican cuisine is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, colors, and traditions, and lucky for us, the United States is home to some exceptional restaurante mexicano serca de mi that bring Mexico’s bold and spicy tastes to our plates. From fine dining establishments pushing culinary boundaries to humble taquerias with complex flavors, the diversity within Mexican regional cuisines is astounding.

From tangy shrimp ceviches to hours-simmered mole, Mexican food offers an array of delights that tantalize the taste buds. In this article, we will take you on a culinary journey through the 18 best Mexicans in America who have mastered the art of authentic Mexican cuisine.

La Diabla Pozole y Mezcal: A Pozole Haven in Denver

Located in Denver, La Diabla Pozole y Mezcal is the city’s first pozole ria, and it’s the brainchild of James Beard Award finalist Jose Avila, who knows his way around hominy and broth like no other. The menu at La Diabla boasts five types of pozole, each with its unique blend of flavors—rojo, blanco, verde, negro, and vegan—to satisfy any palate.

While the pozole steals the show, the restaurant delights diners with mouthwatering tacos and costars. The beef birria and bone marrow taco or Costa are exceptionally savory, while the red snapper, pineapple butter, and also citrus slaw options add a tropical twist to your dining experience.

La Piscina: Elevated Mexican Fare in Austin

Perched on the fifth floor of Austin Proper Hotel, La Piscina offers elevated Mexican fare with a breathtaking view of downtown Austin’s 2nd Street District. The restaurant’s fresh ceviches and tantalizing oysters are a delightful treat for seafood enthusiasts. The Cochinita Pibil—pork shoulder and belly wrapped in banana leaf with rice, beans, and tortillas—is a crispy and tender delight for heartier dishes.

If you seek a bit of table-side drama, opt for the sizzling Fajitas or Crepes Flambees, complete with fruit, Cointreau, and also ice cream. Pair your meal with mezcal and enjoy the handcrafted Oaxacan dishware for a truly memorable dining experience.

Los Ninos: Quaint Taqueria in the Heart of The A

Tucked away on East College Avenue, Los Ninos may look adorable, but don’t let its size fool you—this quaint taqueria packs a punch for flavor. The menu boasts an array of street tacos served on homemade corn tortillas, with endless meats, including steak, rotisserie, pork, shredded chicken, fried shrimp, or fried fish. And their queso, a homemade chipotle cheese dip, is simply divine and a must-try for cheese lovers. formLos Ninos offers a delightful blend of charm and also taste that makes it one of the best Mexican spots in The A.

Los Tacos No. 1: Tacos Done Right on Both Coasts

Los Tacos No. 1, born from the partnership of three friends—one from Tijuana, Mexico, and two from Southern California—brings authentic and delectable tacos to various locations across the city. Their taco stand offers Carne Asada, Adobada, and Pollo Asado Tacos, which are mouthwatering. Each taco is made with love and attention to detail, capturing the essence of Mexican street food. Whether you visit their Chelsea Market or Times Square outpost, you are in for a treat with every bite.

Maíz de la Vida: Nashville’s Upcoming Mexican Culinary Gem

Nashville’s culinary community eagerly awaits chef Julio Hernandez’s debut in the Gulch, where he plans to showcase his passion for restaurante mexicano serca de mi cuisine. Julio’s journey started with making and also selling tortillas from imported heirloom corn that he nixtamalized himself. Eventually, his culinary talents returned him to the kitchen, where he presented a gorgeous selection of tacos, spicy quesabirria, and overstuffed gorditas. The corn takes center stage at Maíz de la Vida, and the resulting flavors are exceptional.

Maize: Nixtamalized Masa Masterpiece in Dallas

Maize is a Dallas-based restaurant that pays homage to the mighty corn and elevates its natural flavors to create a true masterpiece. With nixtamalized masa ground on-site, the restaurant serves sublime fare crafted by Mexico native and former Xochi executive chef Fabian Saldana. The Barbacoa de Res is an unforgettable dish, slow-cooked in agave leaves until tender, paired with scratch-made tortillas. Other highlights include the pan-seared Pescado swimming in a bright segue corn sauce and also the addictive Fresh Corn Esquites (Mexican corn salad) that will keep you coming back for more.

Old Road Restaurant: A Taste of New Mexico in Mescalero Apache Land

On Old Road, Mescalero Apache land, lies the charming adobe restaurant, Old Road Restaurant, serving up New Mexico-style favorites to make your taste buds dance joyfully. The small menu features enchiladas, tacos, and also a delectable chicken fried steak. But for the best experience, indulge in the Old Road Combination Plate—a platter piled high with two enchiladas (one filled with cheese and covered in red sauce, the other loaded with beef and smothered in chunky green sauce), a fluffy chile relleno, a soft-fried beef taco, refried beans, rice, and also a giant flour tortilla. The meal ends with hot, flaky sopapillas served with honey for dessert.

Old Road Restaurant A Taste of New Mexico in Mescalero Apache Land

Oxomoco: A Michelin-Starred Mexican Culinary Haven in Brooklyn

Oxomoco, located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, serves a wood-fired restaurante mexicano serca de mi fare, earning it a prestigious Michelin star in 2018. The restaurant’s stunning interior features high ceilings, a white-washed aesthetic, hanging plants, and woven chairs, creating a trendy and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t miss their Escabeche, a variety of tostadas, Beet “Chorizo” Tacos, or tequila and also mezcal-focused cocktails. Oxomoco effortlessly brings the vibrant flavors of Mexico City to Brooklyn, offering an extraordinary dining experience.

Raging Burrito: Rolling Fatties in Downtown Decatur

Raging Burrito has been a downtown Decatur staple for over two decades, delighting diners with its unique and diverse burrito offerings. The Jerk Burrito is a crowd favorite, made with jerk chicken or tofu sautéed with pineapple salsa and also roasted red pepper. Another must-try option is the Raging Queso Burrito, a delectable creation featuring the mouthwatering addition of queso. When the weather is ideal, head to the garden patio at Raging Burrito to enjoy a Raging Margarita or a Raging 151 Punch—a tropical escape in a glass.

Revolver Taco Lounge/Purépecha Room:

Revolver Taco Lounge offers a unique dining experience with two distinct spaces. The casual taqueria with a takeout window serves a variety of creative taco creations, including carnitas-style octopus with charred leeks and duck breast tacos that rival any fine dining establishment. On the other hand, the Purépecha Room is a hidden gem, where chef-owner Regino Rojas and his family prepare an ever-changing tasting menu as a love letter to Michoacán cuisine. The tortilla whisperer, Regino’s mother, Juanita, and aunt, Teresa, craft the perfect tortillas for the memorable dishes.

Suerte: The Epitome of Authentic Mexican Cuisine in East Austin

Nestled in East Austin, Suerte has earned its reputation as the area’s top purveyor of authentic restaurante mexicano serca de mi cuisine. Their commitment to quality is evident in their homemade masa sourced from local heirloom corn. The fresh tortillas are perfect for flavor-packed offerings, such as confit brisket and also oak-smoked pork chops. Suerte offers a delectable selection of pastries for weekend brunch, including a mouthwatering Beef Kolache. Enjoy their happy hour deals from Sunday to Thursday, offering fantastic boozy options.

Taco Bamba: A Northern Virginia Favorite

What began as a small store in Falls Church has become a beloved destination throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland, with a new location soon to open in Cathedral Heights, Washington, DC. Taco Bamba’s menu features many tacos, from traditional offerings like chicken, grilled beef, and chorizo to more elaborate creations. For a unique twist on the al pastor taco, try La Gringa, a quesadilla with seared cheese, onions, cilantro, and sweet chili sauce, filled with pork and pineapple. The menu also includes mouthwatering empanadas available all day.

Taco María

Taco María is far from your average taco joint, offering an innovative and ever-changing prix fixe meal for dinner. Chef Carlos Salgado, with a background in high-end kitchens like Coi and Commis, showcases his culinary prowess through elegant presentations and innovative flavors. At lunchtime, don’t miss the tacos jardineros, filled with bright chorizo, shiitakes, crispy potatoes, and queso fundido—indeed a delightful choice. Taco María is a perfect blend of fine dining and also traditional Mexican flavors, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Tamales Elena Y Antojitos: A Taste of Guerrero in Los Angeles

Tamales Elena Y Antojitos delights diners with excellent Guerrero-style dishes, including some Afro-Mexican specialties and their delicious tamales. The menu offers many tempting choices, from the smoky Pozole Rojo with shredded pork to the super crispy Pescadillas—fried tacos filled with shredded bass, onion, cilantro, and tangy green salsa.

Chef Maria Elena Lorenzo’s family tamale recipes come in corn husk and banana leaf varieties, with sweet and savory options for masa fans. moreover, The restaurante mexicano serca de mi pork and salsa roja filling is tender and also flavorful, while the cheese and jalapeño option delivers the perfect balance of cheese and heat.

Tamales Elena Y Antojitos A Taste of Guerrero in Los Angeles

Tatemó: A Culinary Mission to Elevate Maíz in San Francisco

Chef Emmanuel Chavez’s culinary mission is to restore the cultural value of maíz, and he achieves this at his restaurant, Tatemó, in San Francisco. Using the ancient nixtamalization technique, Chavez transforms heirloom corn into masa, producing fresh tortillas. Tatemó offers a 13 seat tasting menu by reservation and walk-in service for Sunday brunch. The menu features a delectable array of dishes, including Tlacoyos, Sopes, Quesadillas, Masa Pancakes, Pozole, and Carne Asada, showcasing the versatility of maize.

Taqueria Chingon: A Bucktown Taqueria with a Mexican City Vibe

Taqueria Chingon, located in Bucktown, Chicago, is the brainchild of chef-owner Priscilla Curiel, who serves some of the city’s best Mexican fare. Inspired by the top taco joints in Mexico City, the restaurant offers a space primed for carry-out while still providing a welcoming ambiance for diners. Their signature tacos, such as the Duck Carnitas with date puree, sunchoke-habanero salsa, and Cara Cara oranges, and also the Morcillo, a blood sausage taco with red onion-apple slaw and macha salsa, are exceptional creations. And remember to end your meal with their delicious Churros.

Tommy’s Mexican

Tommy’s restaurante mexicano serca de mi is renowned for its famous margaritas, known worldwide for their quality and flavor. While the margaritas are undoubtedly the main attraction, the food at Tommy’s is equally outstanding, offering quintessential Mexican dishes prepared with care and authenticity. The restaurant also boasts an impressive selection of tequilas, and their knowledgeable bartenders are always happy to guide you through the choices.

Tuetano Taqueria: A Birria Paradise in Albuquerque

In the heart of the Old Town Urban Market in Albuquerque, you’ll find Tuetano Taqueria, a tiny restaurant that satisfies your birria cravings. The warmly spiced, long-braised birria is expertly tucked into corn or flour tortillas, creating flavorful and satisfying tacos. For a unique treat, try the Tuétano—a hefty chunk of beef shank bone roasted until the marrow becomes lusciously soft, then dunked in birria broth and also seared on the grill, ready to be spooned onto your birria taco. Don’t forget to take home a jar of their addictive salsa macha to enhance your dishes.


In this gastronomic journey, we have explored the 18 best restaurante mexicano serca de mi in America, each offering a unique and delectable experience. From Denver to Los Angeles and also from Nashville to San Francisco, these restaurants have mastered the art of authentic Mexican cuisine, tantalizing our taste buds with bold and flavorful dishes. Whether you’re craving pozole, tacos, enchiladas, or tamales, these restaurants have something unique to offer. Embrace the richness and also diversity of Mexican cuisine as you embark on your culinary adventure through these culinary gems.

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