20 Best Restaurante Mexicano Cercas De Mi In America

20 Best Restaurante Mexicano Cercas De Mi In America

Restaurante mexicano cercas de mi cuisine is a vast and flavorful tapestry that has found a beloved home in the United States. From fine dining establishments that push culinary boundaries to humble taquerias with complex flavors, there’s something for every palate. Join us as we embark on a gastronomic journey to discover the 20 best Mexican restaurants in America, where the spices are bold, the flavors are rich, and the experiences are unforgettable.

1.Angela’s Cafe

Located in Boston’s Eastie neighborhood, Angela’s Cafe is a tiny brick restaurant that has become the city’s go-to destination for Mexican food. While their Chicken Mole is a must-try, the menu offers many options. Every dish is a flavorful delight, from award-winning guacamole to tantalizing tacos, burritos, and entrees like Carne Asada and Enchiladas de Mole. Angela’s Cafe has perfected the art of using mole sauce, creating an experience you will want to experience.


Venture into downtown Phoenix, and you’ll find Bacanora, a rising-star restaurante mexicano cercas de mi capturing the hearts of discerning epicureans. Known for its natural and authentic flavors, Bacanora boasts dishes fired to perfection over a wood grill, offering a mouthwatering range of flavors. Its well-curated menus, vibrant ambiance, and compact dining space promise an unmatched culinary experience, bringing the taste of Sonora to life.

3.Barrio Café

Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza’s Barrio Café in Phoenix is a master class in the art and tradition of Mexican cooking. With imaginative takes on classic favorites, such as the tableside Guacamole with a sprinkle of pomegranate and inventive Chiles en Nogada, Barrio Café consistently wows its guests. The restaurant has been showered with praise and multiple James Beard nominations, cementing its place among the best Mexican restaurants in the city and the country.


In San Francisco’s South of Market district, you’ll find Californios, a two-Michelin-starred fine-dining Mexican restaurant. Under the guidance of chef Val Cantu, Californios takes Mexican ingredients and techniques to new heights, celebrating the Bay Area’s seasonal bounty. The ever-changing tasting menu offers a culinary adventure with exquisite presentation, exceptional service, and unparalleled flavors. Although a meal at Californios has a higher price tag, the experience is worth every penny.

5.Camino Riviera

Camino Riviera in San Diego is executive chef Brian Redzikowski’s upscale tribute to the flavors of the Yucatán coast. The restaurante mexicano cercas de mi serves traditional preparations with playful, Southeast Asian-inspired dishes. The menu offers a delightful array of flavors from the Taco—a long filet of tempura seabass topped with edible gold leaf—to Sonoma Lamb Barbacoa. Inspired by the Yucatán spirit, the drinks complement the meal, making Camino Riviera a true culinary gem.

Camino Riviera

6.Cantina Los Caballitos

Situated in Philadelphia’s Passyunk neighborhood, Cantina Los Caballitos delights guests with its extensive outdoor patio and cozy colorful indoor dining room. Offering custom-order tacos and burritos, guests are encouraged to create their dream Mexican dishes, piling on guac and cheese to their heart’s content. The brunch menu is a hit, and their early blood orange margarita is a perfectly acceptable choice.

7.Carnitas El Cuñado

Head to Las Vegas and go to Carnitas El Cuñado in the Broadacres Marketplace. This stand specializes in one thing and one thing only—pork, and it does it exceptionally well. Chef Gustavo Parada cooks the meat for hours, following traditional methods to create a clean, buttery flavor. The tender shoulder or the combination of stomach and skin provides a delightful texture. Served as tacos or tostadas with pickled vegetables and pico, the pork shines, making this a must-visit spot for carnitas enthusiasts.

8.Casa Carmen

Tribeca’s Casa Carmen is an homage to 83-year-old grandmother Carmen “Titita” Ramirez Degollado. She is the owner of the legendary El Bajío in Mexico City. The restaurant presents traditional restaurante mexicano cercas de mi food, featuring recipes perfected by Titita. The Tostada de Pato en Escabeche (pickled duck tostada with refried beans and lettuce) and Empanadas de Plátano con Frijol (plantain empanadas with charred chipotle salsa) are standout dishes. Casa Carmen is a true culinary gem rooted in Mexican flavor and family traditions.

9.Casa Playa

Austin’s Casa Playa offers upscale Mexican cuisine in a lounge-like environment, with skyline views from its rooftop. Executive chef Sarah Thompson showcases coastal Yucatan Peninsula influence, reflected in bright, flavorful seafood dishes like Surf and Turf (with lobster and Wagyu carne asada) and Blue Shrimp Ceviche. The Vitamin Sea cocktail and Grilled Branzino are equally compelling. Take advantage of desserts like Tres Leches cake or mangonada for a sweet finish.

10.Casita Tejas

For over 30 years, Casita Tejas has been a family-owned and operated spot that instantly feels like home. With colorful oilcloth-adorned tables and bowls of chips and salsa, the ambiance sets the stage for a delightful meal. The Norteno, a large flour tortilla rolled with steak, grilled onions, rice, and cilantro, smothered with salsa suiza and melted Monterey jack cheese, is a star on the menu. Casita Tejas offers a warm and welcoming experience, creating cherished memories with every visit.

Casita Tejas

11.Ceviche Project

Located in Silverlake, Ceviche Project is a spot that combines good drinks, good music, and incredible restaurante mexicano cercas de mi Mariscos effortlessly. Chef and owner Octavio Olivas preps a wide range of seafood dishes with a contemporary twist. Fresh oysters on the half shell topped with tangerine and pomegranate seeds or the Striped Sea Bass Ceviche with xni-pec salsa are just a few compelling options. Take advantage of Olivas’ homemade Michelada for a refreshing accompaniment to the spicy flavors.


Houston’s Chivos, located in the former Calle Onze space on 11th, presents a clever take on Mexican-American cuisine. Chef Thomas Bille offers dishes like handmade flour tortillas with truffle butter and salmon roe, and Pozole Dumplings finished with pork broth and almond salsa macha, and soy-glazed and wood-fired Pollo a la Leña. The inventive cocktails, like Oaxacan Old Fashioneds and the West Tejas cocktail, add to the culinary delight, while the Xocolatl (Chocolate) Tamal offers a decadent finish.


Cosme, chef Enrique Olvera’s first NYC Mexican restaurant, is a contemporary Mexican spot with an inventive approach. Their signature dish, Duck Carnitas, is cured for days with spices and Mexican Coke, served family style with blue corn tortillas made in-house. The Cornhusk Meringue dessert with corn mousse is both popular and Instagram-worthy. Cosme’s electric ambiance, combined with its exceptional menu, makes it a memorable dining experience.

14.El Alma

El Alma in Austin offers quality and affordable Mexican food with skyline views from its rooftop. Chef Alma Alcocer brings Mexico City-born gems to the table, like Crema de Elote and Roasted Duck Relleno. El Alma is a popular hub for Austin locals and visitors alike, with daily happy hours and a weekend brunch.

15.El Charro Café

With a history dating back a century, El Charro Café in Tucson is an Arizona institution and the oldest restaurante mexicano cercas de mi in the nation. Managed and operated by the original family, this restaurant has stood the test of time. The menu offers a variety of Tucson-style fare, from classic queso fundido to actual recipe enchiladas and their iconic chimichangas. Celebrate tradition and indulge in the flavorful offerings of El Charro Café.

El Charro Café

16.El Rey

Stephen Starr’s El Rey combines modern and homemade elements to create a delightful dining experience. Moreover, Happy Hour features discounted tacos and classic margaritas, while the regular menu offers Blue Shrimp Ceviche, Brisket Quesadillas, and Veracruz-style Paella. The brunch is a weekend favorite, making El Rey a versatile spot for various occasions.

17.El Taco de Mexico

El Taco de Mexico stands out in Denver with its beloved green chile. The team of hard-working women in the kitchen creates a vibrant green concoction that can be enjoyed in various ways. You can serve it in a bowl with tortillas, ladled over burritos, or added to huevos rancheros. The addictive flavor keeps locals returning for more, making it a favorite spot in the city.

18.Espita Mezcaleria

Espita Mezcaleria in Washington, D.C., celebrates the Mexican agave spirit, mezcal. With flights of mezcal and expertly crafted cocktails, it’s an excellent spot for connoisseurs and newcomers to the heart. The menu features fresh salsa verde, flavorful seafood dishes, and tacos made with heirloom corn tortillas. The mezcal and the colorful ambiance make Espita Mezcaleria an unforgettable experience.


Inside Mercado La Paloma in Los Angeles, Holbox is a standout among Latin American food stalls. Chef Gilberto Cetina’s Yucatecan spot combines the freshest local seafood with restaurante mexicano cercas de mi flair. It creates some of the best mariscos in town. The Mesquite-grilled octopus, Coctel Mixto, and Kanpachi Tostada are the delectable offerings showcasing the restaurant’s culinary expertise.

20.La Choza

La Choza, an adobe-style restaurant in Santa Fe, specializes in the New Mexican take on Mexican cuisine. With comforting enchiladas, burritos, chile rellenos, carne adovada, and more, the menu caters to various tastes. The restaurant’s claim to fame is the plethora of green or red chilies that can be added to any dish, and for those who can’t decide, the Christmas-style option offers the best of both worlds.


Embarking on a culinary adventure through America’s 20 best restaurants mexicano cercas de mi has been unforgettable. From the traditional flavors of family-owned establishments to the inventive takes of fine dining restaurants. Each spot brings its unique touch to Mexican cuisine. Whether you’re savoring Duck Carnitas at Cosme or relishing green chile at El Taco de Mexico, these restaurants offer a symphony of spices and flavors that celebrate the richness of Mexican gastronomy.

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