The 19 Best Cuenca Restaurante Ecuatoriano Cerca De M?, Coffeeshops, & More Delicious Culinary Treats

The 19 Best Cuenca Restaurante Ecuatoriano Cerca De M?, Coffeeshops, & More Delicious Culinary Treats

From charming coffee shops to bustling restaurants, let’s explore the top spots to relish authentic restaurante ecuatoriano cerca de m? dishes and international delights. Cuenca, Ecuador, is a culinary haven where tradition and modernity blend seamlessly, offering an array of exceptional restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries. Emphasizing fresh market produce, seasonal ingredients, and a fusion of traditional and contemporary cooking techniques, Cuenca’s eateries cater to all taste buds.

Café de Ñucallacta

Nestled in Cuenca, Café de Ñucallacta is a charming coffee shop that enchants visitors with its exceptional coffee and also delectable pastries. The cozy interior boasts plenty of natural light, providing the perfect ambiance for relaxation or work, further complemented by the convenience of complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi. Guests are enticed to take home bags of their expertly roasted coffee, ensuring they can savor the delightful flavors of Ñucallacta long after their visit.

El Mercado Cuenca

El Mercado Cuenca is a culinary gem in Cuenca, Ecuador, renowned as both a top-rated restaurant and also a spectacular coffee shop. With expert baristas crafting perfect cups of coffee from locally-sourced beans, patrons can indulge in a delightful coffee experience. The coffee shop also tempts with a mouthwatering array of treats, particularly their irresistible cookies showcased in a captivating glass case.

Beyond the coffee shop, the restaurant offers a treasure trove of delectable dishes, captivating the taste buds with its culinary prowess. El Mercado Cuenca stands as a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable culinary journey in the heart of Cuenca.

Palier Café Libro

For a distinctive experience, venture to Palier Café Libro, a delightful bookshop that doubles as a coffee haven, offering a medley of beverages, including cocktails and wine. The cozy interior, complemented by plush couches and also a quaint terrace, transports you to a world of serenity despite being amidst the bustling streets of Cuenca. Adorned with captivating wall paintings, this café exudes a vibrant, hipster ambiance, often hosting cultural and community events.

Discover the Best Breakfast in Cuenca

Start your day with an enriching breakfast experience at one of Cuenca’s finest eateries. Among the top choices, El Nuevo Paraiso, captivating vegetarian food enthusiasts with their hearty version of the restaurante ecuatoriano cerca de m? classic tigrillo, stands out.

Savor the harmony of perfectly cooked plantains, beans, avocado, salad, and an optional soy fillet, served on a delightful bed of rice. If you crave a taste of classic American breakfast, Sunrise Cafe offers comfort with omelets, Eggs, Benedict, hash browns, and more, making it a favorite among ex-pats.

Café San Sebas

Nestled on the lively Plaza de San Sebas, Café San Sebas competes for the best breakfast in Cuenca. Revel in the allure of the spacious indoor seating adorned with exquisite artwork while savoring Mexican-inspired breakfast and brunch options. The menu boasts bagels, breakfast sandwiches, French toast, scramblers, and also a delightful selection of burgers, sandwiches, burritos, and also fresh salads for lunch.

Café San Sebas

Come en Casa

Delight in an authentic Ecuadorian breakfast experience at Come en Casa, a charming establishment offering delectable typical restaurante ecuatoriano cerca de m? breakfast plates at a pocket-friendly price of around $4. Revel in the freshness of their squeezed juices and aromatic coffee, with the cafe con leche being a personal favorite. For an authentic taste of local flavors, don’t miss the bolon – a delightful ball of smashed green plantains stuffed with cheese and also chicharrones (crispy pork rinds).

Primitivo Artisan Bakery

Primitivo Artisan Bakery is a hidden gem in Cuenca, Ecuador, known for its exquisite array of bread offerings. This delightful bakery specializes in crafting a wide variety of sourdoughs, vegan options, and specialty loaves that promise an unforgettable experience for bread enthusiasts.

Every visit to Primitivo Artisan Bakery is a treat for the senses, from the tantalizing aroma of their freshly baked goods to the delectable taste of their sourdough with nuts. Whether you’re a local or a traveler exploring Cuenca, a stop at this bakery is a must to savor the artistry and flavors of their artisanal bread creations.

EFÁ Clásico

Another hidden gem for bakery enthusiasts, EFÁ Clásico, impresses with its fresh sourdough bread and also mouthwatering pastries. Satisfy your cravings with a delightful selection of baked goods that will leave you wanting more.

Kolo Restaurant and Bakery

Famed for their delicious breakfast and brunch offerings, Kolo Restaurant and Bakery are renowned for their mouthwatering homemade cinnamon rolls, aptly named the “sweetest buns in town.” Early birds are rewarded with this delightful treat, nestled in the second-floor ambiance of the stunning Hotel Vieja Mansion, providing picturesque views of the eclectic hotel lobby.

Marea Bakery Panaderia

For lovers of focaccia bread, Marea Bakery Panaderia offers an Argentinean influence with a delectable array of flavored focaccia bread, empanadas, and herb pieces of bread. Additionally, their Estévez de Toral location satisfies pizza enthusiasts with a remarkable selection of 21 wood-fired pizza styles, making it an ideal destination for pizza lovers.

Marea Bakery Panaderia

Café Del Zaguán

Indulge your sweet cravings at Café del Zaguán, where you’ll be spoilt for choice with a selection of mouthwatering cakes, delicious pies, cookies, and an extensive menu of coffee and tea. Unwind on their cozy seating while savoring delightful treats, and also don’t forget to pair them with their delicious churros served with hot chocolate.

Chocolateria Dos Chorreras

For a chocolate lover’s paradise, Chocolateria Dos Chorreras is a must-visit. This popular chocolate shop entices locals and tourists with a captivating array of crepes, waffles, ice cream, specialty desserts, and also a celebration of all things chocolate. Warm up with their delectable churros complemented by a cup of hot chocolate.

Artisan Chocolates

Ecuador’s reputation for artisan chocolates is well-earned, and also two places stand out for their commitment to quality – Paccari Chocolate and Arawi producers. Delight in pure chocolate crafted from cacao in Cuenca, offering you the opportunity to savor the rich flavors of Ecuadorian cacao.

El Tunel

For an authentic restaurante ecuatoriano cerca de m? dining experience, look no further than El Tunel, a beloved restaurant serving a complete meal with a drink, starter, main course, and also dessert, all for a modest price of around $2.50. Enjoy a delightful twist to your meal with complimentary popcorn served with fresh aji sauce. This bustling eatery is a lunchtime favorite, so arrive early and also secure a table to relish the delicious fare.

Moliendo Café

A local favorite, Moliendo Café, specializes in Colombian dishes, offering a delectable almuerzo (lunch) for just $2.75. Choose between meat or vegetarian options, and your meal will typically include rice, a small salad, soup, juice, and also a piece of fruit. Show appreciation by ringing the bell on your way out, a charming tradition to acknowledge the fantastic food and service.

Moliendo Café

Restaurante Rincon del Sabor

Located just outside downtown Cuenca in Baños de Cuenca, Restaurante Rincon del Sabor is worth the 7-mile trip for its fresh and tasty breakfast offerings. Witness the expert craftsmanship of women as they roll and also fold fresh empanadas in the morning and relish the exquisite coffee and fresh juice. The restaurant serves various typical restaurante ecuatoriano cerca de m? dishes for under $5, making it a perfect stop before or after a visit to the nearby hot springs.

Mercado 10 de Agosto

Mercado 10 de Agosto boasts a dedicated cafeteria on its second floor, where food purchased from the market below is cooked fresh at various stalls. The lunchtime crowd, composed of locals and also tourists, revels in the homemade flavors that transport them back to cherished memories of home-cooked meals. Savor the opportunity to try tornados (roasted pig), a local specialty, while indulging in the delicious juices, tamales, and other traditional dishes.

Mercado 9 de Octubre

Though less extensive than the city’s primary market, Mercado 9 de Octubre offers a unique and also delightful experience with its open-lit ceiling and prime location. Feast your eyes on the stunning displays of produce stacked in thoughtful and beautiful piles. Head upstairs to enjoy food and juice stalls beneath the vaulted glass ceiling, offering a memorable culinary adventure.

Mercado 3 De Noviembre

Though smaller in size, the Mercado 3 de Noviembre doesn’t fall short when it comes to offering a delightful experience, especially with its location just a few blocks from Plaza de San Sebastián. The first floor is home to various produce stalls and vendors, moreover while upstairs serves a wide range of typical Ecuadorian fare food stalls. It’s the perfect spot to sample local dishes and also immerse yourself in the rich flavors of the region.


Cuenca, Ecuador, proudly stands as a culinary paradise, celebrating the harmonious union of traditional heritage and innovative delights. From delightful coffee shops offering expertly roasted beans to bakeries crafting artisan loaves of bread, and restaurants serving mouthwatering Ecuadorian specialties, the city unfolds an abundance of culinary treasures.

Whether you’re a local savoring familiar flavor or a traveler exploring Cuenca’s colonial streets, the diverse eateries present an exquisite fusion of tastes, leaving a lasting impression. Indulge in Ecuadorian cuisine’s rich and flavorful world, and also let your taste buds embark on a delightful journey through Cuenca’s gastronomic wonders.

The next time you search for the best restaurants, coffee shops, and culinary experiences, simply type “restaurante ecuatoriano cerca de m? near me” into your search bar, and also immerse yourself in a gastronomic adventure that will leave you yearning for more.

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