The Absolute 10 Best Reposterias Cerca De Mi In The US

The Absolute 10 Best Reposterias Cerca De Mi In The US

In the world of bakeries, pastries reign supreme, captivating with their shiny glazes, sweet interiors, and vibrant colors. The artistry of French patisseries, the flaky perfection of puff pastry, and also the allure of fruit tart designs make them truly exhilarating. Yet, when searching for reposterias cerca de mi, preferences can range from creamy vanilla to rich chocolate ganache or zesty lemon tarts. Pastry chefs’ dedication, from early mornings to meticulous crafting, often goes unnoticed. In this article, we embark on a journey to uncover the best pastries in the US.

Pastéis De Nata at Joey Bats Café – New York City

When I searched for reposterias cerca de mi in New York City, Joey Bats Café topped the list with their extraordinary Portuguese egg tart known as Pasteis De Nata. These delightful pastries have a rich history dating back to the 16th century when Portuguese nuns crafted them. The pastry shell, made from Massa folhada and akin to French puff pastry, cradles a velvety smooth filling, which can be kissed with cinnamon, lemon, or vanilla flavours.

Their unique texture sets Joey Bats’ Pasteis De Nata apart—a nearly charred Basque cheesecake-like surface that offers a delightful contrast to the traditional Macanese egg tart. Joey Batista, the owner of Joey Bats Café, lovingly describes the experience of biting into one of his Pasteis De Nata as a fusion of a creme brûlée and a croissant—a true masterpiece.

The layers of Portuguese puff pastry cradle the custard, shattering into a buttery explosion that melts in your mouth. The creamy custard, delicate powdered sugar, and aromatic cinnamon create a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds. Indeed, the journey to Joey Bats Café is worth every penny, and the good news is that you can have these delectable pastries delivered straight to your door via Gold Belly.

Walnut Morning Bun at Clear Flour Bakery – Boston

Searching for reposterias cerca de mi in Boston led me straight to Clear Flour Bakery, a local legend with its Walnut Morning Bun. Morning buns are a delightful twist on traditional pastries, with a flaky, croissant-like texture that is sure to please. The lamination process used to create these morning buns involves folding the dough to create alternating layers of butter and yeasted bread dough, resulting in a texture reminiscent of a croissant or kouign amann.

Clear Flour Bakery has become a local legend in Boston, earning the title of “Best of Boston” an impressive 14 times since its opening in 1982. One of its standout offerings is the Walnut Morning Bun, a pastry that has garnered unanimous praise. As you gaze upon this morning bun, you’ll notice its golden-brown puff pastry, caramelized sugar, toasted walnut topping, and a fluffy interior that peeks through the perfectly laminated layers.

With not a single negative review in sight, it’s clear that these morning buns are a true masterpiece. Customers rave about the “heavenly” pastry and appreciate its simplicity, allowing the expertly laminated dough to shine without any sugary coating obstruction.

Ham and Cheese Croissant at Arsicault Bakery – San Francisco

In San Francisco, repositories cerca de mi direct many to Arsicault Bakery, the champions of the croissant, specifically the Ham and Cheese Croissant. While croissants may have originated in France, they have found a beloved home in the hearts of Americans, with millions indulging in these buttery delights each year. Croissants are often paired with jams or butter, but savory variations like the ham and cheese croissant offer a burst of savory, buttery bliss.

At Arsicault Bakery, owner Armando Lacayo draws on a deep-rooted family baking tradition that dates back to his great-grandparents, who ran Arsicault Boulangerie in France over a century ago. With a passion for perfecting an original croissant recipe, Lacayo’s dedication paid off when Bon Appétit named Arsicault Bakery the best new bakery in 2016.

What sets their croissants apart is the irresistible aroma of butter and the deeply caramelized flakiness—a hallmark of their ham and cheese croissants. Reviews on TripAdvisor are a testament to the bakery’s mastery, with customers willing to wait in long lines for these exceptional pastries.

Canelé at Courier Coffee Roasters – Portland, Oregon

In my hunt for reposterias cerca de mi in Portland, Oregon, Courier Coffee Roasters emerged as the top choice for their exceptional canelés. Canelés are a labor of love, challenging home bakers and professionals with intricate layers and flavors. Joel Domreis, the mastermind behind Courier Coffee Roasters, transitioned from coffee roasting to canelé crafting with remarkable finesse.

His approach to this challenging pastry involves using simple yet high-quality ingredients such as butter, sugar, egg yolks, flour, vanilla, milk, and dark rum. Creating the perfect canelé is a meticulous process that takes time and expertise. The batter alone requires a 24-hour resting period, and meticulous attention to detail is essential, from coating copper molds with melted beeswax to achieving the precise oven temperature for the perfect bake.

Domreis’s dedication is evident in the exquisite canelés he produces, each resembling a crown of layered perfection. Reviews on Yelp attest to their excellence, with customers declaring them the “best thing you can put in your body.”

Canelé at Courier Coffee Roasters - Portland, Oregon

Blueberry Financier at Maison Villatte – Falmouth, Massachusetts

Falmouth, Massachusetts was next on my reposterias cerca de mi search, where I discovered Maison Villatte’s delectable Blueberry Financier, where Maison Villatte has been delighting residents year-round with a French patisserie experience. Although Cape Cod is a renowned summer beach destination, Maison Villatte ensures its patrons enjoy the finest French pastries at any time of the year.

The bakery boasts an impressive array of treats, from buttery croissants and Paris Brest to tarts, cream puffs, brioche, and eclairs. The Blueberry Financier stands out as a true gem among its many delectable offerings. This pastry captures the essence of nuttiness, satisfying springiness, and a slight chewiness that defines a classic financier. The history of the financier dates back to the 19th century when a French pastry chef drew inspiration from the Paris Stock Exchange to create pastries resembling valuable gold nuggets.

At Maison Villatte, ground almonds, egg whites, powdered sugar, and browned butter come together to create this delightful treat. The result is a generously sized blueberry financier with a golden-brown exterior, distinct nutty aroma, and perfectly balanced sweetness. Reviews on Yelp indicate that the pastries at Maison Villatte are not only sweet and buttery but also truly irresistible.

Hibiscus Cheesecake Conchas at Pan Artesanal – Chicago

In Chicago, Pan Artesanal brings together Mexican pastry tradition and French pastry education to create a unique fusion of flavors. Co-owner Marisol Espinoza combines her Mexican heritage with French pastry training to craft exceptional pastries, including the standout Hibiscus Cheesecake Concha.

This Mexican delight combines the chewiness of bread with a cookie-like topping, known as “conchas,” and elevates it with hibiscus-stained vanilla cream and dark chocolate. Each bite offers a tantalizing mix of textures and flavors that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Kouign Amann at Little Tart Bakeshop – Atlanta

In Atlanta, Little Tart Bakeshop is turning heads with its extraordinary Kouign Amann, reimagining the classic croissant as an irresistible dessert. Founded by James Beard semifinalist Sarah O’Brien, this bakery is known for its commitment to local ingredients and also baking excellence. The Kouign Amann, though a newcomer to the American pastry scene, has quickly gained a devoted following.

Atlanta Magazine even named Little Tart Bakeshop the go-to spot for the best Kouign Amann in the city. With its caramelized sugar and also flaky, buttery layers, this pastry boasts a unique, dense, and also buttery texture. The crystallized crust along the edges adds to its charm, and chocolate lovers can indulge in a chocolate croissant version.

Sfogliatella at La Siciliana Bakery & Café – Houston

In Houston, Texas, La Siciliana Bakery & Café is a haven for pastry enthusiasts, and also their Sfogliatella is a true masterpiece. This Sicilian delight is a study in flakiness, with layers of golden perfection that meld together beautifully. Pastry chef Diego Chiarello, originally from Sicily, brought this art to Houston in 2018, earning recognition on the Food Network’s “Spring Baking Championship.”

La Siciliana was crowned the best bakery in Houston in 2021 by the Houston Press, with a special nod to its sfogliatella. These pastries are so delicate that they appear as if they could shatter into a million flaky pieces at a glance. A generous dusting of powdered sugar highlights the intricate layers enveloping the creamy ricotta filling. For those fortunate enough to savor them, it’s a truly magical experience.

Sfogliatella at La Siciliana Bakery & Café - Houston

Apple Tart at Al Forno – Providence, Rhode Island

In Providence, Rhode Island, Al Forno is celebrated for its outstanding pizzas, but there’s a dessert that has also gained quite the reputation—the Apple Tart. Despite pizza being the star attraction, this dessert has found its way into the hearts of many. Renowned chef and Food Network star Alex Guarnaschelli even dubbed the Apple Tart at Al Forno as “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on the show “Sugar Rush.”

This delightful dessert is presented whole, resting on a pool of warm homemade creme anglaise, with a light dusting of powdered sugar. The tart itself embodies the perfect marriage of sweet apples and also delicate pie pastry, a flavor combination that has enchanted taste buds far and wide.

The dessert is so cherished that recipes for it have been featured in both the Los Angeles Times and The Providence Journal, allowing fans to recreate its iconic taste at home. Whether you visit during the summer or any other season, Al Forno’s Apple Tart promises a delectable experience that captures the essence of culinary delight.

Twice Baked Almond Croissant at Bakery Nouveau – Seattle

In Seattle, Washington, Bakery Nouveau has redefined the classic croissant with its Twice Baked Almond Croissant. Crafted by proprietors William and also Heather Leaman, this pastry is a true masterpiece. It all starts with two buttery croissant halves, bathed in a sweet syrup and filled with luxurious almond cream before undergoing a second bake.

The result is a croissant that breaks tradition, offering a unique texture that combines the flakiness of a croissant with the richness of almond cream. Bakery Nouveau’s excellence has garnered praise from prestigious organizations like the James Beard Foundation and TripAdvisor, and its devoted following speaks to the irresistible charm of this pastry.


Our journey across the United States in search of the finest reposterias cerca de mi has unveiled the extraordinary talents of pastry chefs. Each pastry is a masterpiece of dedication and artistry. Indulge and also savor every bite, for life is too short to resist such temptation.


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