20 Most Popular Iglesia Pentecostal Cerca De Mi In America

20 Most Popular Iglesia Pentecostal Cerca De Mi In America

In a nation as diverse as the United States, various forms of faith have taken shape over the years. One of the most striking evolutions in the religious landscape is the rise of the megachurch. As you search for an iglesia pentecostal cerca de mi, it’s worth exploring these larger-than-life congregations that have captivated thousands with their message, community, and outreach.

1. The Potter’s House

Location: Dallas, TX
Pastor: T. D. Jakes
Average weekly attendance: 16,140
Denomination: Independent, Nondenominational

As one seeks an iglesia pentecostal cerca de mi in Dallas, Texas, The Potter’s House emerges as a beacon, representing the megachurch phenomenon. Founded by the charismatic Pastor T.D. Jakes, this megachurch has expanded its reach with campuses in Fort Worth, North Dallas, Los Angeles, and Denver.

What sets The Potter’s House apart is its embrace of modern technology, live-streaming services every Wednesday and Sunday, ensuring that its message resonates far beyond the physical walls of the church. With a substantial social media following, The Potter’s House uses platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to connect with its flock, sharing sermons, special events, and more. Additionally, the church offers the TDJ Ministries app, further extending its reach.

2. McLean Bible Church

Location: McLean, VA
Pastor: Lon Solomon
Average weekly attendance: 16,500
Denomination: Independent, Nondenominational

For those searching for a iglesia pentecostal cerca de mi in the Washington, D.C. area, McLean Bible Church offers a vibrant community of service. This megachurch extends its mission beyond the pulpit, actively engaging in homeless ministry, career counseling, and anti-trafficking efforts.

Congregation members play a vital role in these initiatives, offering their time and skills to various roles, from traditional church duties to tech-related tasks like video production and broadcasting. Through these endeavors, McLean Bible Church has solidified its place not just as a place of worship but as a force for positive change in the community.

3. Crossroads

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Pastor: Brian Tome
Average weekly attendance: 16,792
Denomination: Independent, Nondenominational

Crossroads, founded in 1995 by a group of 11 individuals seeking to redefine the church experience, has evolved into a megachurch phenomenon. With over a dozen locations, the church is known for its unfiltered approach to spirituality.

It tackles a wide array of topics through articles, music, podcasts, and videos, touching on everything from culture and self-discovery to work, finances, and relationships. Crossroads effectively utilizes social media and its website as platforms for reaching out to the spiritually curious and those who may have felt disconnected from traditional religious institutions.

4. Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque

Location: Albuquerque, NM
Pastor: Skip Heitzig
Average weekly attendance: 16,830
Denomination: Calvary Churches

Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque has a unique origin story, with founder Skip Heitzig’s journey from the depths of a troubled past to leading one of the fastest-growing churches in the U.S. The church’s website serves as a hub for various opportunities, including job postings, educational programs, volunteer experiences, and missionary trips. Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque exemplifies the transformative power of faith and is a testament to how churches can thrive and grow over the decades.

5. Cornerstone Church

Location: San Antonio, TX
Pastor: John Hagee
Average weekly attendance: 17,000
Denomination: Independent, Nondenominational

San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church, a vibrant nondenominational congregation, has firmly established itself in the community. Boasting over 22,000 active members, with 17,000 attending weekly services, this megachurch is a family affair led by Pastor John C. Hagee and his son, lead pastor Matt Hagee.

What sets this church apart is its unapologetic engagement in political messaging and advocacy, with a notable open support for President Donald Trump and a platform that reaches across the United States, Canada, and the U.K. through cable TV.

6. Christ the King Community Church

Location: Burlington, WA
Pastor: Dave Browning
Average weekly attendance: 17,000
Denomination: Independent, Nondenominational

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Christ the King Community Church has become a prominent megachurch with numerous locations spanning from Washington to Florida. Embracing core values like simplicity, authenticity, and community, this church prioritizes worship, community, outreach, and discipleship. It seeks to transform not only the lives of its congregation but also the spiritual landscape of its surrounding communities.

7. Eagle Brook Church

Location: Centerville, MN
Pastor: Bob Merritt
Average weekly attendance: 17,091
Denomination: Baptist General Conference

Eagle Brook Church, founded in the 1940s, is a long-standing presence among megachurches. With nine locations in Minnesota, it has been a spiritual home for thousands over the years. The retirement of Senior Pastor Bob Merritt after 28 years of service marks a significant transition in its history, as Teaching Pastor Jason Strand takes the helm. The enduring legacy of Eagle Brook Church reflects its unwavering commitment to its congregation and community.

Eagle Brook Church

8. Woodlands Church

Location: The Woodlands, TX
Pastor: Kerry Shook
Average weekly attendance: 18,385
Denomination: Southern Baptist Convention

Founded in 1993 by Kerry and Chris Shook, Woodlands Church is a testament to a vision that aimed to reach families through uplifting music, a welcoming atmosphere, and a relevant message. The church’s presence extends online through social media platforms, including a blog and active pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Beyond its spiritual mission, the ministry also operates WC Trading Co., which endeavors to break poverty cycles and create sustainable change and development.

9. Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Pastor: Doug Sauder
Average weekly attendance: 18,521
Denomination: Calvary Churches

Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, with its nine campuses, places a strong emphasis on volunteering and community outreach. Through an app, online broadcasts, and video archives, the church provides access to services and information, making it easy for its members to stay connected and engaged.

10. Christ Fellowship

Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Pastor: Todd Mullins
Average weekly attendance: 18,965
Denomination: Independent, Nondenominational

Christ Fellowship’s journey from humble beginnings in a living room to a congregation of nearly 19,000 speaks to its profound impact on its community. The founding couple, Todd and Julie Mullins, continue to lead the church, which has multiple locations and a robust online presence. An online store offering study guides in English and Spanish and various other items demonstrates their commitment to fostering spiritual growth.

11. Second Baptist Church

Location: Houston, TX
Pastor: H. Edwin Young
Average weekly attendance: 20,656
Denomination: Southern Baptist Convention

Houston’s Second Baptist Church, founded in 1927, has grown to include six locations and over 82,000 members. Dr. Ed Young’s leadership for more than four decades has solidified its position in the community. With a long history of broadcasting services on TV and radio, Second Baptist Church has successfully adapted to the digital age, maintaining a strong online presence.

12. Dream City Church

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Pastor: Tommy & Luke Barnett
Average weekly attendance: 21,000
Denomination: Assemblies of God

Originally known as Phoenix First Assembly, Dream City Church traces its roots to a tent meeting in 1923. The church now has multiple locations, employing creative arts like illustrated sermons and theatrical productions in its worship services. Pastor Tommy Barnett and his son, Luke Barnett, ensure that the church remains innovative and relevant to its congregation.

13. Central Christian Church

Location: Henderson, NV
Pastor: Jud Wilhite
Average weekly attendance: 21,055
Denomination: Independent Christian Churches or unspecified

Central Christian Church positions itself as a welcoming place for those facing life’s challenges. With locations across southern Nevada and beyond, it offers accessibility through TV, radio, podcasts, and various social media platforms. Its commitment to grace and authenticity makes it a haven for the spiritually seeking.

14. Southeast Christian Church

Location: Louisville, KY
Pastor: Dave Stone
Average weekly attendance: 21,764
Denomination: Independent Christian Churches or unspecified

Southeast Christian Church, born in 1962 with just 53 members, has expanded to seven locations in Kentucky and one in Indiana, serving more than 20,000 weekly attendees. Its services are streamed online, and the church maintains a strong presence through newsletters, campus groups, and recreational leagues open to the community.

Southeast Christian Church

15. Saddleback Church

Location: Lake Forest, CA
Pastor: Rick Warren
Average weekly attendance: 22,055
Denomination: Southern Baptist Convention

Saddleback Church, founded by Pastor Rick Warren in 1980, is one of the largest Southern Baptist congregations, with 19 locations worldwide. Pastor Warren’s significant following on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter reflects the church’s global reach. Beyond traditional boundaries, Saddleback has spread its message to Hong Kong, Berlin, The Philippines, and Buenos Aires.

16. Church of the Highlands

Location: Birmingham, AL
Pastor: Chris Hodges
Average weekly attendance: 22,184
Denomination: Independent, Nondenominational

Alabama’s largest church, Church of the Highlands, was founded by Pastor Chris Hodges in 2001. From its humble beginnings in a high school auditorium, it has expanded to over 20 locations and has a robust online presence. The church-run Highlands College, aiming for accreditation by the Association for Biblical Higher Education, demonstrates a commitment to educating future spiritual leaders.

17. Elevation Church

Location: Matthews, NC
Pastor: Steven Furtick
Average weekly attendance: 22,200
Denomination: Independent, Nondenominational

Elevation Church’s worship services are known for their energetic, rock-show-like atmosphere, complete with dramatic lighting and engaging music. The church’s online store, offering merchandise reminiscent of rock tours, underscores its contemporary approach to ministry. Founded by Steven Furtick, Elevation Church boasts over 20 locations and a strong online presence, attracting a weekly attendance exceeding 20,000.

18. NewSpring Church

Location: Anderson, SC
Pastor: Brad Cooper
Average weekly attendance: 23,055
Denomination: Baptist (unspecified)

As believers search for a iglesia pentecostal cerca de mi in South Carolina, they might come across NewSpring Church, the state’s largest congregation, with 14 locations and a weekly attendance of over 23,000. Despite facing challenges, including leadership changes and controversy, NewSpring remains a prominent fixture in the spiritual landscape, committed to serving its diverse community.

19. Christ’s Church of the Valley

Location: Peoria, AZ
Pastor: Don Wilson
Average weekly attendance: 23,395
Denomination: Independent Christian Churches or unspecified

As you explore options like a iglesia pentecostal cerca de mi in 1982, Christ’s Church of the Valley might have come up, with its origins tracing back to its founding pastor’s living room. Under the leadership of Don Wilson and his designated successor, Senior Pastor Ashley Wooldridge, the church has expanded to ten locations. Its enduring presence and commitment to growth underscore its impact on the lives of its congregation and the broader community.

20. Fellowship Church

Location: Grapevine, TX
Pastor: Ed Young
Average weekly attendance: 24,162
Denomination: Southern Baptist Convention

For those on the hunt for a iglesia pentecostal cerca de mi in Grapevine, TX, the dynamic Fellowship Church led by Pastor Ed Young is certainly a standout and a unique approach to ministry. Beyond traditional worship services, it engages in various activities, and Pastor Young has made a name for himself as an author and founder of the PastorFashion.com website. The church challenges conventional perceptions of what a church can be, inviting all to experience faith in innovative ways.


These top 20 megachurches represent a diverse tapestry of American faith. Even as some might be searching for a iglesia pentecostal cerca de mi, these churches serve as a testament to the broader spiritual engagements present in the country. They stand as symbols of hope, inspiration, and spiritual connection, constantly evolving to meet the needs of their vast and diverse congregations.

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