15 Ways to Get comida gratis cerca de mi in the US

15 Ways to Get comida gratis cerca de mi in the US

When you’re living on a student budget or simply trying to save some extra cash, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as scoring some free food. You might think it’s an impossible feat, but the good news is that it’s not! In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to unveil 15 legitimate ways to get comida gratis cerca de mi in the United States. So, if you’re ready to satisfy your hunger without emptying your wallet, keep reading!

1. Supermarket Cashback Apps

One of the easiest ways to answer the comida gratis cerca de mi query is by using supermarket cashback apps. While they may not guarantee freebies all the time, these apps often have a selection of offers that can lead to significant savings on your grocery bills. To get started, download these apps, browse the available offers, and check the eligibility criteria.

Once you’ve made a qualifying purchase, scan your receipt and sometimes the product’s barcode to receive cashback. While not every offer may result in 100% cashback, you can save around 50% on your food expenses. Take advantage of referral credits, and you might even end up with completely free food. For a detailed breakdown of the best supermarket cashback apps, check out our guide.

2. Become a Mystery Diner

Ever thought, “How can I enjoy comida gratis cerca de mi and also enjoy a dining experience?” Becoming a mystery diner might be your ticket to free meals at your favorite restaurants. Signing up with a mystery dining agency allows you to accept assignments at local restaurants or food chains. Your job is to evaluate your dining experience and provide feedback.

While you won’t receive cash payments, the agency typically covers the cost of your meal. If you’re in it for a free dining experience, it’s a win-win situation. To learn more about becoming a mystery diner and where to sign up, read our comprehensive guide.

3. Sign Up for Restaurant Newsletters and Apps

Ever wondered if there’s comida gratis cerca de mi whenever you pass by fast-food joints or restaurants? Many of them often gift freebies to those who download their apps or subscribe to their newsletters. For example, Greggs provides a free hot drink to new app users, while other chains like Subway and McDonald’s periodically offer free sandwiches, cookies, and more to app users.

If you have a preferred dining spot, consider signing up for their newsletter or app (using an alias email to avoid spam). Even if there are no current freebies, you might be surprised by the occasional treat.

4. Score Free Hot Drinks at Coffee Shops

Coffee shop lovers, rejoice! There are numerous opportunities to enjoy free hot drinks at various coffee chains. Whether you frequent Costa, Pret, Caffè Nero, Starbucks, or even independent local coffee shops, there are strategies to snag complimentary beverages. Check out our comprehensive guide on how to get free coffee from major chains and support local businesses in the process.

5. Discover Food Waste Supermarkets

When wondering about comida gratis cerca de mi, don’t overlook the goldmine that food waste supermarkets offer. These establishments partner with major supermarkets and restaurants to rescue perfectly edible food that doesn’t meet their standards. Organizations like the Real Junk Food Project operate on a ‘pay as you feel’ policy, allowing you to either donate or volunteer in exchange for your purchases. If you don’t mind a bit of effort, you could access a treasure trove of free food and help combat food waste.

6. Utilize Zero-Waste Apps for Free Food

If you’ve bought surplus groceries and thought, “Who would want this comida gratis cerca de mi?”, apps like Olio come to the rescue. Olio, an app designed for food sharing, can help you connect with people in your area looking to share surplus food items. You might find everything from raw ingredients to leftovers from cooked meals. While some users may request a small donation to charity, many items are available for free. Additionally, consider exploring the Too Good To Go app, which allows cafes and restaurants to sell surplus stock at reduced prices, providing you with great bargains.

Utilize Zero-Waste Apps for Free Food

7. Get Paid to Visit Pubs

If free meals alone don’t suffice, you’ll be delighted to learn that you can get paid to visit pubs as a pub tester. Sign up with Serve Legal, and you may be tasked with visiting pubs to ensure they’re properly checking IDs for alcohol purchases. While this opportunity is primarily open to applicants aged 18 or 19 due to their likelihood of being ID-checked, it can yield payments ranging from £4 to £40 per audit.

8. Enjoy First-Order Discounts on Takeaway Apps

Pondering “comida gratis cerca de mi for dinner”? Takeaway apps might have the solution. Many such platforms provide generous discounts or even entirely free meals for first-time users. Delivery services like Deliveroo and UberEats often provide money off your initial purchase, sometimes even leading to a free meal.

9. Get Free Eat Vouchers

VoucherCodes offers a weekly student-specific promotion called FOMO Friday, granting free vouchers for the Eat platform. Though Eat’s discounts might be rarer compared to UberEats and Deliveroo, this initiative provides a valuable opportunity. By spending at selected retailers, students can earn vouchers, sometimes equivalent to the amount spent, with values ranging from £10 to £20. Essentially, a mere £20 spend can lead to an equivalent free food voucher. However, students should be mindful and engage in genuine necessary purchases to avail these vouchers without incurring unnecessary costs.

10. Free Tea and Coffee While Shopping

Shopping can be tiring, but it’s even better when you can enjoy free drinks while doing it. IKEA offers unlimited free tea or filter coffee to IKEA Family card holders during the week. If you possess a Waitrose card, you can grab free takeaway tea or coffee with any purchase at Waitrose supermarkets. Additionally, the John Lewis loyalty card scheme often sends vouchers for free hot drinks and slices of cake at John Lewis cafes.

11. Get Free Food from Your Mobile Network

Customers of O2, Vodafone, and Three have probably discovered the great deals offered through their Priority Moments, VeryMe, and Three+ apps. These networks frequently provide their users with free coffee, chocolate, and even beer. If you’re not on one of these networks, don’t fret; we have a guide on how to get O2 Priority Moments on any network. Unlock your phone, access a plethora of free food offers, and enjoy other non-edible freebies.

12. Dine Out for Free on Your Birthday

Your birthday can be a gastronomic adventure, with many restaurants and cafes offering free food and drinks to birthday celebrants. By strategically selecting venues and promotions, you can enjoy a day of free meals, snacks, and even drinks. To uncover these birthday freebies and learn how to claim them, consult our ultimate guide to birthday freebies.

Dine Out for Free on Your Birthday

13. Utilize Supermarket Coupons

While using paper coupons at the supermarket may seem old-fashioned, it’s a trick that still works. Occasionally, you’ll find coupons for free food in our deals section. You can often print these coupons at home or locate them in free newspapers. All that’s left to do is find a store that stocks the featured product, present your coupon at the checkout, and enjoy your free item. Be sure to review the terms and conditions to ensure that the participating stores honor the offer.

14. Grow Your Food

If you have a small garden or even just a windowsill, you can grow your fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Keep an eye on our deals page, where you may discover free seed offers. For the committed, allotments are an option, and you can consider sharing one with friends or flatmates to reduce costs. Even without these resources, a simple window box can accommodate herbs and salad greens. For the more adventurous, try cultivating a small potato patch from a dustbin filled with compost. Plant a single potato, and you’ll be rewarded with multiple potatoes. If you’re up for the challenge, explore our guide to growing your produce.

15. Go Foraging for Food

Foraging, often celebrated by renowned chefs, is the age-old practice of gathering seasonal, wild foods directly from nature’s bounty. While it encompasses a wide array of edible treasures, ranging from mushrooms to berries and greens, foraging does demand a certain level of expertise, especially when identifying potentially hazardous species. However, many delicious and nutritious foods can be readily identified by beginners.

This cost-effective guide to foraging serves as an excellent entry point for individuals residing in rural areas, where access to natural landscapes teeming with wild edibles is more abundant. It introduces people to the art of recognizing, harvesting and preparing these gifts from nature. From the earthy delights of morel mushrooms to the sweet rewards of blackberries, there’s a world of flavors waiting to be discovered in the wild.


There are numerous avenues to explore when it comes to obtaining free food in the United States. Whether you prefer digital methods like cashback apps or mobile network promotions or more hands-on approaches such as growing your produce or foraging, these 15 strategies can help you enjoy delicious meals without breaking the bank. So, embrace these opportunities, savor the savings, and indulge in some fantastic free food experiences!


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