The 20 Best Carnicerias Cerca De Mi In America

The 20 Best Carnicerias Cerca De Mi In America

carnicerias cerca de mi experienced a significant surge in sales, with some reporting growth of fifty percent or more. In 2020, when the pandemic struck, causing supermarket shelves to empty and people to retreat to their homes, one industry remained surprisingly untouched and thrived: butcher shops. As the world faced uncertainty, many discovered or rediscovered the joy of consuming good quality meat.

This shift in consumer behavior highlighted the importance of local, sustainable, and whole-animal butcher shops, which provided an alternative to mass-produced, plastic-wrapped meats found in supermarkets.

A & C Pork Store, Paterson, NJ

Located in Paterson, New Jersey, the A & C Pork Store is a classic Italian market run by Aldo Iacovo and Antonio DeGennaro, both hailing from the old country. Their commitment to traditional Italian craftsmanship is evident in their range of high-quality products. From peppery, from-scratch pancetta to veal crown roasts and fresh mozzarella made on the hour, the A & C Pork Store delivers on its promise of providing top-notch meats and artisanal products.

Take the chance to try their flavorful soppressata, available in both sweet and hot varieties. This charming Italian market, situated just a few blocks from the Great Falls, is a gem for carnicerias cerca de mi in the area.

BEAST Butcher & Block, St. Louis, MO

David Sandusky, known for his creativity as a pitmaster, has taken his culinary expertise to the next level with BEAST Butcher & Block in St. Louis, Missouri. While the restaurant continues offering mouthwatering barbecue, Sandusky now invites customers to take home premium meats like Wagyu brisket and Duroc pork to try grilling. If you like, this is still a barbecue joint, too. Snag some of that soft Salami Cotto, a Piedmontese specialty rather widely appreciated by carnicerias cerca de mi in St. Louis.

Beast & Cleaver, Seattle, WA

British expat Kevin Smith’s frustration with the lower standards for meat in the United States led him to open Beast & Cleaver in Seattle, Washington. Smith sources meats exclusively from well-managed, top-quality farms, many small, family-owned farms. Opening just weeks before the pandemic broke out in the Pacific Northwest has been no problem. Sausages, patés, and terrines stand out, making it a favorite among carnicerias cerca de mi in Seattle.

Bellville Meat Market, TX

The Bellville Meat Market is a pilgrimage-worthy destination for an authentic taste of Texas. Located near the well-traveled route between Houston and Austin. This small-town smokehouse boasts a menu featuring all-beef links and smoked Thanksgiving turkeys.

Their dedication to using pecan wood in the smoking process adds a distinctive flavor to their meats, making it a top choice for meat enthusiasts near me in Texas. If you can’t make the trek, fear not; Bellville Meat Market offers nationwide delivery to bring the Lone Star State’s best to your doorstep.

Bellville Meat Market, TX

Belmont Butchery, Richmond, VA

Tanya Cauthen, the driving force behind Belmont Butchery in Richmond, Virginia, has spent nearly fifteen years running this modern and also woman-led shop. Initially, some visitors might be surprised not to find a burly male butcher in charge. Still, once they get over their preconceived notions, they’ll find that this woman-led shop—more gourmet mini-grocers than standard meat market—is a trusted friend in any quest to upgrade the home cooking experience. A go-to destination for carnicerias cerca de mi in Richmond.

Beltex Meats, Salt Lake City, UT

Strictly local meats only at this modern, whole-animal standout, where they’ll chop up all the Utah beef you want. You’re also here for chef-turned-butcher Phillip Grubisa’s exacting charcuterie. The house Pate Forestier—which recently snagged considerable notices—is about as close to France as possible in these parts. An appealing choice for meat enthusiasts near me in Salt Lake City.

Bichelmeyer Meats

The legendary Kansas City stockyards may now belong to the history books, but this melting pot of a meat market has been serving a much-changed community since 1946. Local whole hogs, briskets for your next ‘cue competition, hearts and kidneys of all kinds, the odd head or two for your barbacoa party, a tray of tamales, or just a plate of tacos also—it’s all here. A cherished destination for carnicerias cerca de mi in Kansas City.

Bob’s Quality Meats, Seattle, WA

There has been a meat market of some kind at this Rainier Avenue South address for over a century now, and nothing—not even a roof-melting fire back in 2015—has proved capable of ending one of Seattle’s best-loved meat market traditions. Wish it, want it. They’ve probably got it; you’ll do well to snap up some sausages, from chorizo to boudin blanc. It’s also a must-visit for meat enthusiasts near me in Seattle.

Bob's Quality Meats, Seattle, WA

Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions, Maplewood, MO

Founded by Chris Bolyard, a sustainability advocate and Culinary Institute of America-trained chef, Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions partners with local family farms to bring the best pasture-raised meat and poultry to the St. Louis area. Dry-aged ground beef and high-quality whole chickens are an excellent jumping-off point for new-to-the-game home cooks. It is also a preferred choice for meat enthusiasts near me in Maplewood.

Brazeau’s Butcher Shop, North Adams, MA

David Brazeau made a name for himself in the Berkshires with his home butchering skills. A passion he pursued alongside his work at a local supermarket’s meat department. When the store closed, he decided to make it official; fans of his sourcing prowess (and his sausages) couldn’t be more pleased. A go-to spot for carnicerias cerca de mi in North Adams.

Bunzel’s Meat Market, Milwaukee, WI

Sometimes you need a 350 lb. side of beef—Wisconsin-raised, all-natural, of course—and sometimes you also need a fistful of freshly-made brats, Hungarian sausages, or Greek-spiced lamb links. Whatever the occasion, this proper family operation—four generations in and counting—has Milwaukee covered. A beloved destination for meat enthusiasts near me in Milwaukee.

The Butcher & Grocer, Grandview Heights, OH

All pastured Ohio meats, all the time—or very nearly—is the rule at this whole animal shop in suburban Columbus. In just four years, they’ve gained a considerable following for quality. This is one of the more passionate crews you’ll find in a butcher shop for many a mile. Also a top choice for meat enthusiasts near me in Grandview Heights.

The Butcher & Grocer, Grandview Heights, OH

Butter Meat Co., Perry, NY

Jill Gould’s commitment to sustainability lured her out of corporate life and into the growing dual-purpose beef business. When dairy cows age out of the system at the family organic farm, they wind up as steaks on your dinner table. Delicious, well-marbled, pre-aged steaks. It ships nationwide, making it accessible for carnicerias cerca de mi nationwide.

Cabalar Meat Co., Lancaster, PA

Finding good, local meat is hardly a challenge in Lancaster County, home to countless small family farms. Live here long enough, and you’ll likely find sourcing from all sorts of obscure sheds and shelters down unpaved roads. This sparkling new cityside butchery and restaurant takes the guesswork out of the process, sourcing from farms with only the finest cuts to offer. A reliable choice for meat enthusiasts near me in Lancaster.

Chop Shop Butchery, Asheville, NC

In Asheville, North Carolina, Chop Shop Butchery provides everything you’d expect from a modern, serious butcher shop. Chop Shop Butchery prioritizes quality by partnering with exceptional area farms, including Warren Wilson College’s student-run operation. With a second location in Charlotte, they cater to a growing audience of food enthusiasts.

A Cut Above, Santa Monica, CA

In 2014, Chef Eddy Shin ventured to Santa Monica, California, where he established A Cut Above, rapidly becoming one of Los Angeles’ best butcher shops. Offering an impressive array of meats, A Cut Above won the hearts of meat-loving Angelenos. With the pandemic affirming his shop’s indispensability, Shin’s dedication to providing top-notch meats remains unwavering.

A Cut Above, Santa Monica, CA

Czerw’s Kielbasy, Philadelphia, PA

A slice of Poland awaits at Czerw’s Kielbasy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded by Polish immigrant Jan Czerw in 1938. This classic butcher shop has stayed true to its roots and also remains a favorite among locals. With its signature dish, parisa—a local take on beef tartare with cheese, chiles, and citrus—Czerw’s delights customers with traditional Polish flavors.

Dai Due Butcher Shop & Supper Club, Austin, TX

Austin, Texas, is home to one of the state’s best restaurants and butcher shops: Dai Due Butcher Shop & Supper Club. Chef Jesse Griffiths sources whole animals from some of Texas’s best ranches for the restaurant’s menu and also for customers to purchase. This farm-to-table approach ensures that the quality of the meats at Dai Due Butcher Shop is second to none.

 Deep Cuts, Dallas, TX

Amidst Texas’ abundance of quality meat and poultry. Deep Cuts in Dallas is an excellent guide to the regional culinary landscape. Founded by Nate Abeyta a few years ago, the shop has quickly gained recognition and is already undergoing expansion—no small feat, especially during a pandemic. Deep Cuts’ dedication to quality and also its commitment to serving customers during challenging times are testaments to its success.

Dziuk’s Meat Market, Castroville, TX

Located in a region settled by Alsatian immigrants in the 1800s, Dziuk’s Meat Market in Castroville, Texas, has become a beloved local institution. Known for its Parisa, a local variation of beef tartare infused with cheese, chiles, and citrus, Dziuk’s has become a hot seller and also an essential part of any celebration or gathering in the area.


One consistent theme emerged as we journeyed across the country, exploring the best butcher shops and meat markets. Each shop is committed to providing top-quality meats from reputable sources, whether old or new.

As we celebrate these essential butcher shops and the communities they serve, we honor their dedication and perseverance in delivering exceptional meats that enhance the culinary experiences of countless individuals. From coast to coast, these shops stand as beacons of authenticity, ensuring that the tradition of high-quality butchery continues to thrive in America.

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