The 15 Best Carniceria Cerca De Mi in America

The 15 Best Carniceria Cerca De Mi in America

When you’re searching for a “carniceria cerca de mi,” it’s likely you’re seeking quality, freshness, and local flavor. There are countless butcher shops throughout America, each with its own unique story and methodology. This article explores the 15 best butcher shops in the country, showcasing their commitment to the craft of butchery, their individual stories, and their high-quality products.

Foster Sundry – Brooklyn, New York City

Foster Sundry, nestled in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood, not only fills the need for locally sourced, sustainable meat but also offers a bounty of additional items like homemade sausage, cheese, bread, and pastries. It’s a one-stop shop for anyone who appreciates fine food.

Peter Pinti, the managing butcher, expresses his love for his job, saying the camaraderie and also supportive work environment keep his passion burning. Foster Sundry is also home to the best biscuit breakfast sandwich in New York City, an accolade that speaks for itself.

Grass & Bone – Mystic, Connecticut

The next time you search for a “carniceria cerca de mi” in Mystic, Connecticut, Grass & Bone should be your top choice. It’s more than a butcher shop – a testament to the value of homegrown food and traditional butchery. The carniceria cerca de mi plays a central role in sourcing meat for their own restaurants, Oyster Club and Engine Room. With a menu that constantly changes to reflect the best cuts of the day, Grass & Bone offers its customers an immersive and memorable experience.

Publican Quality Meats – Chicago, Illinois

Located in Chicago’s meatpacking district, Publican Quality Meats offers more than just your average neighborhood carniceria cerca de mi. They boast a bakery, artisanal market, and cafe that serve pastries, coffee, and delicious sandwiches alongside their meat offerings. Chef de Cuisine and head butcher Joe Frietze believes in the sustainable, fresh, and lovingly raised meat – a standard he sets for all the products in his shop.

Gwen Butcher Shop and Restaurant – Los Angeles, California

Known for sourcing its meat from around the world, Gwen Butcher Shop and Restaurant in Los Angeles, California offers a wide range of products. Andrew Sutton, the head butcher, expresses a profound appreciation for whole animal butchery. Gwen’s focus extends beyond just butchery, with a restaurant that serves dishes such as Grilled Lamb Ribs with Leek Ash Yogurt and Kurobuta Pork with peanuts, sesame, and also cilantro.

Porter Road – Nashville, Tennessee

Porter Road, founded by Chris Carter and James Peisker, has an admirable mission – to provide their local community with high-quality, responsibly-raised meat. The business has grown exponentially and now offers hand-cut, dry-aged goodness nationwide. They are truly trying to change the food system one steak at a time.

Red Apron – Washington, D.C.

The last on our list but by no means the least, Red Apron in Washington D.C. was the first American carniceria cerca de mi to source 100% of its pork from Animal Welfare-approved farms. With three brick-and-mortar shops, two in D.C. and also one in Merrifield, Virginia, Red Apron is a testament to sustainability in the meat industry.

Red Apron - Washington, D.C

Fleisher’s Craft Butchery – Brooklyn, NY

Established in 2004, Fleisher’s Craft Butchery has brought the art of traditional butchery to Brooklyn. This innovative butcher shop prides itself on being completely transparent about its sourcing methods, utilizing a range of sustainably and also humanely raised animals. Their personalized service, knowledge sharing, and also high-quality cuts make them a standout in the community.

Cochon Butcher – New Orleans, LA

A New Orleans favorite, Cochon Butcher merges the old-world style of a European butcher shop with the hospitality and charm of the South. Chef Butcher Stephen Stryjewski believes in celebrating Southern food traditions by providing customers with various cured meats, artisanal sausages, and unique Cajun specialties.

Primal Supply Meats – Philadelphia, PA

Primal Supply Meats in Philadelphia operates on a commitment to local farmers. It prioritizes sourcing animals from farms that raise livestock responsibly and sustainably and also plays a key role in the city’s food scene. Heather Thomason, the shop’s founder, fiercely advocates ethical meat consumption and also sustainable farming practices.

White’s Country Meats – Gresham, OR

Since 1976, White’s Country Meats has served the Gresham area as a trusted destination for those seeking top-quality cuts of meat. What started as a small family business has grown into a large operation, with a wide range of locally sourced, hand-cut meats that have made them a local favorite.

Dai Due Butcher Shop – Austin, TX

Dai Due, which means “from the two kingdoms of nature, choose only the finest”, lives up to its name by offering the best cuts of meat sourced from local, sustainable farms. The shop in Austin, Texas, is a leader in the nose-to-tail butchery movement, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Rain Shadow Meats – Seattle, WA

Rain Shadow Meats, located in Seattle, is a full-service carniceria cerca de mi and a local lunch hotspot. The shop sources all its meats from local farmers practicing sustainable and also humane animal management. Their commitment to creating a strong community around sustainable food practices makes them a shining gem in the Pacific Northwest.

Rain Shadow Meats - Seattle, WA

The Local Butcher Shop – Berkeley, CA

The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley, California, is known for its whole animal butchery and locally sourced, sustainably raised meat. Owners Aaron and Monica Rocchino believe that great cooking starts with great ingredients and go to great lengths to provide their community with the freshest and highest quality products.

Sparrow Meats – Ann Arbor, MI

A staple in the Ann Arbor community, Sparrow Meats is known for its fresh, high-quality meats. Offering a variety of specialty meats and also an impressive selection of house-made sausages, this shop ensures a personalized experience by walking customers through the best ways to prepare and also cook their selected cuts.

Avedano’s – San Francisco, CA

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Avedano’s is a woman-owned butcher shop that prides itself on preserving the old butchery methods. They source whole animals from local farms, focusing on sustainably raised livestock. The team at Avedano’s provides quality cuts of meat and also offers butchery classes, making this shop a unique destination for food lovers.

What Kinds of Meat Can You Get From a carniceria cerca de mi?

A trip to your local butcher shop can be a culinary adventure, revealing a variety of meats you might not find in the average supermarket. These might include organic, grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, game meats, and more.


Quality and Variety

You’ll find a wide array of high-quality beef cuts at a butcher shop. These often include prime cuts like filet mignon, ribeye, and New York strip, but butchers also offer less well-known cuts like a skirt, hanger, and also flat iron steak. Many butchers also offer dry-aged beef, which requires significant time and skill to produce and also provides a deep, nutty flavor you can’t find in most supermarkets.

Grass-fed and Organic Options

Many butcher shops source grass-fed and organic beef, which is renowned for its superior nutritional profile and more robust flavor than conventionally raised beef. These practices also support better animal welfare and also environmental sustainability.


Free-range and Organic Chickens

Most butcher shops offer free-range and organic chickens. These birds are allowed to roam freely and also forage for their natural diet, resulting in more flavorful and also nutritious meat.

Ducks, Turkeys, and Game Birds

In addition to chickens, butcher shops often offer a variety of other poultry, such as ducks, turkeys, and game birds. These can provide a welcome change of pace for your dinner table.

Lamb and Goat

Choice Cuts of Lamb

Lamb is a rich, flavorful meat popular in many global cuisines. Carniceria cerca de mi offers cuts like lamb chops, leg of lamb, and also lamb shoulder.

Choice Cuts of Lamb

Exploring Goat Meat

Though less common than other types of meat in the United States, goat is the most widely consumed meat globally. Your local butcher shop can be an excellent place to explore this lean, flavorful meat.

Game Meats

Venison and Beyond

Depending on the shop and local regulations, some butchers also offer game meats like venison, rabbit, and wild boar. These meats can provide unique flavors and a break from the ordinary.

Sustainable and Ethical Choice

Game meats are often a more sustainable and also ethical choice, as these animals live wild and are harvested rather than raised on farms.


Salami, Prosciutto, and More

Many butcher shops also offer a variety of charcuterie, including salami, prosciutto, pâté, and more. These cured meats can be a delicious addition to a cheese board or a gourmet sandwich.

House-made Creations

Often, butchers make these items in-house, offering unique flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

Your local butcher shop can be a treasure trove of high-quality, delicious meats. From prime cuts of beef to exotic game meats, there’s something for every palate. Furthermore, by shopping at a butcher, you’re supporting local farmers and sustainable practices and often enjoying better quality meats than those available in the supermarket.


These six butcher shops reflect the variety and also quality available across the United States. Each one has a unique story, a commitment to quality and sustainability, and a passionate team that contributes to the business’s overall success. Whether you’re looking for a classic cut of meat, a novel culinary experience, or to support businesses that prioritize animal welfare and sustainable practices, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at one of these exceptional establishments.

Ultimately, a butcher shop is more than just a place to buy meat. It’s a place where old-world methods meet modern techniques, where customers can learn about the source of their food, and where a shared passion for quality and sustainability builds a community. As the search for “a carniceria cerca de mi” continues to rise, it’s clear that the appreciation for these age-old institutions is alive and well. The rise of these butcher shops supports local economies and small businesses and also encourages conscious consumption and also a deeper connection to our food.

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