America’s 15 Best Carnicer?A Cerca De Mi

America’s 15 Best Carnicer?A Cerca De Mi

If you’re a meat enthusiast and appreciate the art of butchery, you’ll be delighted to discover some of America’s carnicer?a cerca de mi. These establishments have stood the test of time, providing customers with the freshest, highest-quality meat, and exceptional customer service.

From the bustling streets of New York City to the charming corners of Portland, Oregon, these butcher shops have earned their reputations for excellence. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to explore America’s 15 best butcher shops, each offering unique and exceptional experiences for meat lovers.

1. Vincent’s Meat Market, The Bronx, N.Y.

At number 25 on our list, Vincent’s Meat Market has been a Bronx institution since 1954. Situated on Little Italy’s Arthur Avenue, this old-school butcher shop goes above and beyond to provide customers with the finest meats and top-notch customer service. You can count on their commitment to freshness and also quality.

The staff’s knowledge is unmatched, and they’re always ready to share tips, tricks, and recipes. What sets Vincent’s apart is their ability to cut meat to order, ensuring you get exactly what you want. Besides, their antibiotic-free and all-natural poultry, along with other offerings, are more affordable than supermarket alternatives due to their direct sourcing and also free delivery.

2. Schaller & Weber, New York City

Located in Manhattan’s Yorkville neighborhood, Schaller & Weber is not just any German butcher shop; it is a renowned German carnicer?a cerca de mi and across the country. Since 1937, they have been supplying the neighborhood with the freshest and also highest-quality meats.

While famous for their housemade smoked meats and sausages, their butcher case boasts an impressive selection. Stepping into Schaller & Weber is like taking a trip back in time to when this part of town was a working-class German neighborhood. Today, it continues to be a favorite destination for sausage and pork lovers, making it a must-visit spot in New York City.

3. Japan Premium Beef, New York City

In New York’s NoHo neighborhood, you’ll find Japan Premium Beef, a unique butcher shop like no other in America. Specializing in Oregon Washugyu beef, a hybrid of Japanese Black Wagyu and American Black Angus, their meats are treated with great care and also attention.

The result is tender, flavorful, and also beautifully marbled beef with higher monounsaturated fat content. Butcher Eiichi Yamamoto’s expertise, with more than 15 years of experience, ensures that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. For those seeking a taste of Kobe-style rib-eye or indulging in shabu-shabu, this is the place to be.

4. Huntington Meats, Los Angeles

At the LA Farmers’ Market, Huntington Meats has carved a name for itself as a wonderland of meat. From every cut imaginable to over 30 homemade sausages, their selection is impressive. Sourcing their beef from Harris Ranch, which raises hormone-free, 80 percent grass-fed cattle, they guarantee the utmost quality.

Their fresh-ground beef, made with Prime chuck, is endorsed by Mozza’s Nancy Silverton. Huntington Meats goes beyond the typical butcher shop offerings; they even provide classes on cutting beef and also making sausages. Moreover, their experience in making pet food for over 25 years showcases their dedication to diverse offerings.

Huntington Meats, Los Angeles

5. Ottomanelli’s, New York City

The Ottomanelli family’s legacy in the New York meat scene spans five generations, dating back to 1900. With three butcher shops in the city, they have become a staple for meat enthusiasts.

Grass-fed beef, USDA Prime beef, natural lamb and veal, buffalo, Amish turkeys, steak burgers, and also spiral-cut hams are just a few of the tantalizing options available at Ottomanelli’s. With butchers carrying on traditions passed down for generations, you can rest assured that your meat is in the best hands.

6. Gartner’s Country Meat Market, Portland, Ore.

For over 50 years, When it comes to finding the highest-quality meat in Portland, Gartner’s Country Meat Market is the go-to carnicer?a cerca de mi. Founded by Jack Gartner in 1959, the legacy continues under the management of his daughter, Sheri. Their commitment to quality shines through, as all meats are still hand-sliced to order.

A unique aspect of Gartner’s is their willingness to fulfill special requests, even selling entire sides of beef if desired. Portland locals and visitors alike swear by their smoked sausages, jerky, ham, and bacon, earning Gartner’s a well-deserved spot on this list.

7. Giovanni Esposito & Sons, New York City

In the heart of Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, Giovanni Esposito & Sons is the go-to carnicer?a cerca de mi and many others for over a century. A shop where time seems to stand still, Esposito’s specializes in pork and is also known for selling over 10,000 pounds of Italian sausage to area restaurants weekly.

The butchers, donning white coats, are more than willing to walk customers through the array of meat options, including exotic cuts. Whether you desire a pig’s head or a lamb heart, Esposito’s can provide it with 24 hours’ notice. Truly one-of-a-kind, this butcher shop is a gem among New York’s rich culinary heritage.

8. Bill The Butcher, Seattle

With six convenient locations in the Seattle area, Bill The Butcher has become an integral part of the city’s meat scene, making it the top carnicer?a cerca de mi, and fellow meat enthusiast. Working exclusively with local farmers and also ranchers who raise beef, pork, and poultry without hormones or steroids, their commitment to sustainable farming practices is evident. You can rely on their butchers to offer expert cooking tips, and the no-frills atmosphere keeps the focus solely on the meat.

Bill The Butcher, Seattle

9. The Organic Butcher, McLean and Charlottesville, Va.

Don Roden and Ryan Ford set out to revive the traditional neighborhood butcher shop in Northern Virginia, and The Organic Butcher does just that and also more. Though not everything they sell is certified organic, they source all their products locally, ensuring they are farm-raised and humanely treated.

Their butcher case boasts an impressive array of meats, from beef and also lamb to rabbit, venison, and wild boar. Alongside the meats, you’ll find artisanal products, cheeses, and wines. Butchers here are knowledgeable about everything meat-related, making it a haven for meat lovers in Virginia.

10. Olivier’s Butchery, San Francisco

Olivier’s Butchery, an old-fashioned French boucherie, is the brainchild of Olivier Cordier. With a unique approach to butchery, Olivier receives whole animals and breaks them down using traditional French techniques, resulting in cuts rarely found outside of France.

But fear not, American cuts are also available, along with lamb, veal, rabbit, poultry, and also sausages. To ensure they meet customers’ needs, Olivier’s encourages pre-ordering due to their focus on using the whole animal, resulting in limited stock. This French boucherie is a one-of-a-kind treasure for San Franciscans seeking authentic and also exceptional meats.

11. Harvey’s Guss Meat Company, Los Angeles

Harvey’s Guss Meat Company stands out as one of Los Angeles’ finest and most elusive butcher shops. Founded in 1939 and still run by founder Abraham Gussman’s son, Harvey, the shop primarily supplies meat to restaurants. However, for those lucky enough to buy from Harvey’s, the experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Their Black Angus beef, dry-aged for weeks on-premises, is a cut above the rest. Special orders are welcomed, and also the range of offerings, from goose to sweetbreads to Kurobuta pork cheeks, is simply unmatched. Visiting Harvey’s is like entering an underground club for serious meat lovers who demand nothing but the best.

12. Porter Road Butcher, Nashville, Tenn.

Nashville’s finest butcher shop, Porter Road Butcher, is a haven for those seeking local, grass-fed meats. With two locations, they’re dedicated to raising beef, pork, and poultry without antibiotics. Their beef is dry-aged for at least 14 days, and also pork is processed on-premises within days of being slaughtered.

Their commitment to transparency shines through, with all their sources listed on their website. Porter Road’s founders, both classically trained in culinary school, also run an excellent catering company, making this destination a true gem for meat lovers in Tennessee.

Porter Road Butcher, Nashville, Tenn

13. Gepperth’s Market, Chicago

Gepperth’s Market has been a cozy fixture in Chicago for over 100 years, consistently providing the finest meats and sausages in the Windy City. This neighborhood butcher shop exudes warmth, with friendly countermen who treat customers like family.

Their butchers’ experience is evident in their top-quality meat. They ensure handling each cut with care. A visit to Gepperth’s is an experience in itself, offering a glimpse into the city’s rich culinary history.

14. Savenor’s Butcher and Market, Boston

Savenor’s Market, a beloved butcher shop in Boston and Cambridge since 1939, holds a special place as Julia Child’s go-to carnicer?a cerca de mi and also many other food lovers. The selection at Savenor’s is awe-inspiring, featuring local, Prime, and grass-fed beef in every imaginable cut.

Their offerings go beyond the ordinary, including Colorado lamb, house-smoked hams, whole suckling pigs, duck, goose, and exotic meats like elk, antelope, and even traditionally made haggis. Additionally, Savenor’s sandwiches and also array of local gourmet products, including cheeses, are nothing short of extraordinary.

15. Revival Market, Houston

Revival Market, a standout neighborhood butcher shop in Houston, is one of the few vertically integrated shops near me and across the country. Raising their own heritage-breed, all-natural pork, lamb, and chicken for sale in the market sets them apart.

Their butcher case features traditional cuts of pasture-raised, antibiotic-free beef. Beyond meat, Revival Market offers a wide range of locally sourced products, including vegetables, bread, dairy, and also cheeses. With their in-house prepared foods, butchery demos, and themed meals at their café, Revival Market offers a holistic and also unique culinary experience.


Exploring America’s 15 best butcher shops is a journey through culinary excellence. From the longstanding legacies of New York’s Ottomanelli’s and Esposito’s to the unique offerings of San Francisco’s Olivier’s Butchery, each shop has its distinct charm. you’re seeking organic meats in Virginia, dry-aged beef in Los Angeles, or grass-fed delicacies in Nashville, these butcher shops promise to leave a lasting impression on meat enthusiasts.

With their unwavering commitment to quality, customer service, and unique selections, these butcher shops truly stand out as the best in America. don’t hesitate to embark on your own meat-seeking adventure and experience the flavors and traditions of these exceptional establishments.

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