Bastille Net Worth In 2016 to 2023: How Rich Is This English Band

Bastille Net Worth In 2016 to 2023: How Rich Is This English Band

Bastille Net Worth, the famous London-based band, has made a significant mark in the music industry. This comprehensive article deeply explores Bastille’s net worth from 2016 to 2023, exploring their financial journey and the factors contributing to their wealth. Let’s start by closely examining how Bastille’s net worth evolved over the years.

Bastille Net Worth Through the Years

Bastille Net Worth 2016

In 2016, Bastille’s revenue was estimated at approximately $20.4K. While this is an approximate figure and subject to variation, it gives us a glimpse into the band’s early financial standing.

Here’s a breakdown of their earnings in 2016 by month:

  • July 2016: $5.4K – $7.2K
  • August 2016: $2.6K – $3.5K
  • September 2016: $5.2K – $6.9K
  • October 2016: $4.2K – $5.6K
  • November 2016: $3K – $4K
  • December 2016: $4.9K – $6.5K

These figures reflect the initial stages of Bastille’s financial journey, highlighting the challenges and gradual growth they experienced in their early years.

Bastille Net Worth 2017

The following year, 2017, Bastille’s revenue significantly increased, reaching an estimated $28.1K. This growth indicated their rising popularity and expanding fan base.

Here’s a breakdown of their earnings in 2017 by month:

  • January 2017: $2.8K – $3.7K
  • February 2017: $2.5K – $3.3K
  • March 2017: $2.5K – $3.4K
  • April 2017: $1.7K – $2.2K
  • May 2017: $2K – $2.7K
  • June 2017: $3.5K – $4.7K
  • July 2017: $1.6K – $2.1K
  • August 2017: $1.6K – $2.1K
  • September 2017: $1.2K – $1.6K
  • October 2017: $1.1K – $1.5K
  • November 2017: $3.4K – $4.6K
  • December 2017: $3.8K – $5K

These numbers signify Bastille’s growing success and ability to sustain its income over an extended period.

Bastille Net Worth 2018

By 2018, Bastille’s net worth rose, reaching approximately $36.3K. This consistent growth demonstrated their ability to establish themselves in the music industry.

Here’s a breakdown of their earnings in 2018 by month:

  • January 2018: $4K – $5.3K
  • February 2018: $3.2K – $4.3K
  • March 2018: $2.8K – $3.7K
  • April 2018: $1.9K – $2.5K
  • May 2018: $3.4K – $4.6K
  • June 2018: $3.6K – $4.9K
  • July 2018: $2.8K – $3.7K
  • August 2018: $4.2K – $5.6K
  • September 2018: $2.7K – $3.5K
  • October 2018: $1.9K – $2.5K
  • November 2018: $2K – $2.6K
  • December 2018: $3.2K – $4.3K

The steady increase in their earnings during this period showcases their resilience and continued success in the music industry.

Bastille Net Worth 2019

The year 2019 marked a significant milestone for Bastille, with its revenue soaring to an estimated $54K. This substantial increase in earnings reflected their growing influence and popularity.

Here’s a breakdown of their earnings in 2019 by month:

  • February 2019: $3K – $4K
  • March 2019: $1.9K – $2.5K
  • April 2019: $1.5K – $2K
  • May 2019: $6.5K – $8.7K
  • June 2019: $16.1K – $21.4K
  • July 2019: $5.8K – $7.8K
  • August 2019: $3.2K – $4.3K
  • September 2019: $2.1K – $2.7K
  • October 2019: $3.1K – $4.1K
  • November 2019: $6.4K – $8.6K
  • December 2019: $3.9K – $5.1K

The impressive earnings in 2019 showcased Bastille’s ability to capture a global audience and secure its position as a prominent band in the music industry.

Bastille Net Worth 2020

In 2020, Bastille’s revenue reached $54.9K, maintaining its strong financial standing. This consistency in earnings indicated their stability and enduring appeal to fans.

Here’s a breakdown of their earnings in 2020 by month:

  • January 2020: $2.9K – $3.9K
  • February 2020: $2.1K – $2.8K
  • March 2020: $2K – $2.6K
  • April 2020: $2.6K – $3.4K
  • May 2020: $1.8K – $2.4K
  • June 2020: $1.6K – $2.1K
  • July 2020: $3.5K – $4.6K
  • August 2020: $8.8K – $11.8K
  • September 2020: $4.8K – $6.4K
  • October 2020: $8.4K – $11.2K
  • November 2020: $7.5K – $10K
  • December 2020: $8.5K – $11.3K

These earnings in 2020 demonstrated Bastille’s ability to maintain a solid financial foothold, even in the face of external challenges.

Bastille Net Worth 2021

In 2021, they brought further success to Bastille, with its revenue reaching an impressive $99.2K. This substantial increase highlighted their continued growth and fan support.

Here’s a breakdown of their earnings in 2021 by month:

  • January 2021: $7.9K – $10.5K
  • February 2021: $7.9K – $10.5K
  • March 2021: $9.3K – $12.4K
  • April 2021: $9.5K – $12.6K
  • May 2021: $6.2K – $8.3K
  • June 2021: $5.9K – $7.8K
  • July 2021: $8K – $10.6K
  • August 2021: $8K – $10.6K
  • September 2021: $12.4K – $16.5K
  • October 2021: $7.8K – $10.4K
  • November 2021: $7.3K – $9.7K
  • December 2021: $7.8K – $10.4K

These remarkable earnings in 2021 solidified Bastille’s position as a significant player in the music industry, with its fan base continuing to grow.

Bastille Net Worth 2022

In 2022, Bastille’s revenue remained impressive, totaling $91.7K. This consistent financial success showcased their ability to maintain their popularity and financial stability.

Here’s a breakdown of their earnings in 2022 by month:

  • January 2022: $5.9K – $7.9K
  • February 2022: $7.5K – $10K
  • March 2022: $8.6K – $11.5K
  • April 2022: $10.2K – $13.6K
  • May 2022: $7.1K – $9.5K
  • June 2022: $9.3K – $12.3K
  • July 2022: $5.7K – $7.7K
  • August 2022: $6.7K – $8.9K
  • September 2022: $9.3K – $12.4K
  • October 2022: $6.9K – $9.2K
  • November 2022: $5.8K – $7.8K
  • December 2022: $7.5K – $10.1K

These consistent earnings throughout 2022 underscored Bastille’s enduring appeal and financial success in the music industry.

Bastille Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Bastille’s revenue is estimated at $44.2K, and while it is subject to variation, it reflects its ongoing financial stability and success.

Here’s a breakdown of their earnings in 2023 by month:

  • January 2023: $5.9K – $7.9K
  • February 2023: $6K – $7.9K
  • March 2023: $7K – $9.3K
  • April 2023: $6.4K – $8.5K
  • May 2023: $5.7K – $7.6K
  • June 2023: $7.3K – $9.7K
  • July 2023: $1.3K – $1.8K
  • October 2023: $3.7K – $4.9K

These figures offer a glimpse into Bastille’s financial forecast for 2023, indicating their continued ability to generate substantial earnings.

How Bastille Makes Money

Bastille’s impressive net worth of nearly $33 million, expected to reach $35 million by the end of 2023, is primarily attributed to its various sources of income.

Revenue from Music Releases

Bastille’s primary source of income comes from releasing songs and music albums. Their extensive discography has garnered them a loyal fan base, contributing significantly to their earnings.

Individual Net Worth

Among the band members, lead vocalist Dan Smith stands out with the highest individual net worth of USD 8 million. This highlights the personal financial success of key members within the band.

Bastille Career

Bastille’s journey in the music industry is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Founded in 2010 by lead singer Dan Smith as a solo project, the band quickly gained recognition and became an elite musician.

Their breakthrough came with their first single, leading to a record deal with “Virgin Records.” In 2013, they released their debut album, ‘Bad Blood,’ which topped the UK music album rankings, establishing their presence in the industry.

Bastille’s impressive resume includes 24 songs and contributions to popular television shows such as “The Coronation Street,” “Dancing on Ice,” “The X Factor,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and more. Their studio albums, “Wild World” and “Bad Blood,” received critical acclaim and commercial success.

As of 2019, Bastille released their third studio album, “Doom Days,” and their fourth studio album, “Give Me the Future,” is scheduled for release in 2022. The band’s unwavering commitment to their craft and collaborative spirit has kept them together since their inception.

Lessons Learned: Five Takeaways from Bastille’s Journey

Bastille’s journey to success provides valuable lessons for aspiring musicians and creative individuals:

Creativity knows no boundaries

Bastille’s evolution from a solo project to a full-fledged band demonstrates the power of collaboration and the endless possibilities that arise from creative partnerships.

Authenticity resonates with audiences

Bastille’s ability to infuse their music with genuine emotions and relatable experiences has forged a deep connection with their fan base. Their authenticity is a reminder that staying true to oneself is vital to building a dedicated following.

Embrace experimentation

Bastille’s success can be attributed, in part, to their willingness to explore different genres and sounds. They have created a unique musical identity that sets them apart by pushing boundaries and embracing experimentation.

Persistence pays off

Like many successful artists, Bastille faced challenges along their journey. However, their unwavering determination and commitment to their craft allowed them to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success.

Passion fuels greatness

Above all, Bastille’s passion for music shines through in every note they play and every word they sing. Their unwavering dedication to their art has driven their journey to stardom, inspiring fans and aspiring musicians alike.


In conclusion, Bastille’s net worth journey from 2016 to 2023 is a testament to their talent, hard work, and dedication. As they continue to make waves in the music industry, their financial success inspires aspiring artists worldwide. Bastille’s story is a reminder that great success can be achieved in music and beyond with creativity, authenticity, and passion.


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