Top 10 Barberia Latina Cerca De Mi Franchises In USA

Top 10 Barberia Latina Cerca De Mi Franchises In USA

The barberia latina cerca de mi industry in the USA is experiencing consistent growth, driven by the increasing population and the diverse range of services it offers. Projections indicate a 1.3% increase in revenue for 2022, highlighting the promising opportunities within the sector. Barbershop franchises come in various concepts, catering to entrepreneurs with different budgets.

Some are budget-friendly, while others require a more substantial investment. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 barber shop franchises in the USA for 2023, providing insights into each franchise’s history, concept, and potential for success.

Legends Barbershop

Founded in: 1999

Franchising since: 2014

Franchise units: 15

Initial investment: $1,200,000

Franchise Fee: $200,000

Royalty Fees: 8%

Legends Barbershop, a franchise with a captivating backstory, was established in 1999 by Brian “Goose” Davis. What makes this franchise particularly intriguing is its unconventional origin. Davis, originally aspiring to build a career in music management, stumbled upon the world of barbering in an unexpected turn of events. During a routine visit to a local hairdresser for a haircut before an interview, fate intervened. The owners of the hairdressing salon recognized Davis’s potential and made him an offer he couldn’t resist.

This fortuitous encounter led to Davis’s transformation into a barber, and in 1999, he opened the doors to Legends Hair Salon, which many considered a top barberia latina cerca de mi in the community. What sets Legends Barbershop apart is not just its origin story but also its commitment to providing exceptional service and a positive atmosphere.

With 15 franchise units and a proven business model, Legends Barbershop offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to be a part of a unique and successful franchise that combines music and grooming expertise. The initial investment of $1,200,000 and a franchise fee of $200,000, along with royalty fees of 8%, make it a substantial yet potentially rewarding investment for those looking to enter the barbering industry.

Nikita Hair

Founded in: 1984

Franchising since: 2018

Franchise units: 1

Initial investment: $184,500 – $274,300

Franchise Fee: $39,000

Royalty Fees: 6%

Nikita Hair, a franchise founded by Inger Ellen Nikolaisen in 1984, boasts a truly inspirational origin story. Inger Ellen’s journey into entrepreneurship began at a remarkably young age, at just 16, when she opened her first store selling children’s clothing. Hailing from a modest background, her early foray into business was a testament to her ambition and entrepreneurial spirit.

This initial experience not only marked the beginning of her career but also played a pivotal role in shaping her business acumen. Inger Ellen’s dedication and determination were evident from the outset, and she continued to nurture her entrepreneurial skills over the years.

Today, Nikita Hair, often searched as a barberia latina cerca de mi, has evolved into a prominent player in the hair care and cosmetics industry, with a notable presence spanning both Europe and the USA. With a single franchise unit and an initial investment range of $184,500 to $274,300, along with a franchise fee of $39,000 and royalty fees of 6%, Nikita Hair offers aspiring franchisees the opportunity to be part of a successful brand with a compelling backstory, proven track record, and substantial growth potential.


Founded in: 1975

Franchising since: 1979

Franchise units: 2,814

Initial investment: $151,370 – $321,020

Franchise Fee: $39,500

Royalty Fees: 6%

Supercuts, an iconic name in the barbershop industry, has a rich history that dates back to 1975 when Frank Emmett and Jeffrey Rappaport founded it. Their innovative approach revolutionized the industry by introducing a cutting-edge technique that offered quick and affordable haircuts without the need for appointments. This pioneering concept addressed a common pain point for customers and positioned Supercuts as a game-changer in the hairdressing world.

Over the years, Supercuts, often referred to as the go-to barberia latina cerca de mi, has maintained its commitment to convenience, efficiency, and quality service. As a subsidiary of the Regis Corporation, a leader in the hairdressing sector, Supercuts has leveraged its resources and expertise to expand its presence. Today, the franchise boasts an extensive network of over 2,400 locations across the United States, solidifying its position as a prominent and trusted brand in the barber shop franchise landscape.

For potential franchisees, Supercuts represents a proven business model with a vast customer base and a legacy of excellence in the industry. It offers an enticing opportunity to be a part of a brand that continues to thrive in the competitive world of hair care.

Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers

Founded in: 1999

Franchising since: 2002

Franchise units: 90

Initial investment: $203,250 – $342,350

Franchise Fee: $39,500

Royalty Fees: 1%

Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers, under the umbrella of the Regis Corporation, has a distinguished history that began in 1999 when Joe Grondin established it. Grondin, armed with over three decades of experience as a Master Barber, embarked on a mission to resurrect the traditional male grooming experience. His deep-rooted passion for the craft and commitment to delivering exceptional service led to the birth of Roosters.

At Roosters, often hailed as the best barberia latina cerca de mi, the emphasis is not merely on haircuts but on providing a complete grooming experience steeped in nostalgia. The franchise prides itself on offering top-quality services within an atmosphere reminiscent of classic American hairdressing salons. This deliberate approach creates a space where men of all ages can feel comfortable and catered to, enjoying services that encompass not only haircuts but also the timeless art of grooming.

Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers represents a franchise opportunity that combines Grondin’s expertise with a commitment to preserving the traditions of male grooming. It offers entrepreneurs the chance to be a part of a brand that celebrates timeless grooming rituals in the modern world. With 90 franchise units, Roosters stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional barbering.

Roosters Men's Grooming Centers

Hammer and Nails

Founded in: 2013

Franchising since: 2015

Franchise units: 9

Initial investment: $248,200 – $526,950

Franchise Fee: $49,950

Royalty Fees: 6.5%

Hammer and Nails, often searched as a barberia latina cerca de mi and founded by Michael Elliot in 2013, is a unique concept born out of a novel inspiration. At the age of around 50, Elliot’s visit to a nail salon sparked the idea of a grooming destination where men could comfortably indulge in manicures and pedicures without feeling out of place.

Within a mere seven months of opening its first location in Los Angeles, the venture recorded an impressive $150,000 in revenue. This early success paved the way for Hammer and Nails’ rapid expansion, with a remarkable 262 locations now spread across the USA. The franchise presents an enticing opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a piece of this thriving market.

RazzleDazzle Barbershop

Founded in: 2008

Franchising since: 2015

Franchise units: 7

Initial investment: $216,400 – $435,000

Franchise Fee: $30,000

Royalty Fees: 6%

Elena Linares, the founder and CEO of RazzleDazzle Barbershop, often referred to as a leading barberia latina cerca de mi, identified a niche in the beauty industry in 2008. Her vision led to the creation of an oasis where men could enjoy grooming services in a sophisticated environment. RazzleDazzle Barbershop quickly gained popularity in Miami, and Elena Linares continued to explore franchising opportunities, making it an appealing choice for aspiring franchisees.

Scissors & Scotch

Founded in: 2015

Franchising since: 2017

Franchise units: 13

Initial investment: $386,300 – $680,750

Franchise Fee: $50,000

Royalty Fees: 4% – 6.5%

Scissors & Scotch, co-founded by Tanner Wiles and often searched as a top barberia latina cerca de mi, offers a unique approach to grooming. This franchise isn’t just a traditional salon; it’s a complete male grooming experience. Clients not only receive top-notch haircuts but also have the option to enjoy cocktails, coffee, or cold beverages. With a full-service bar and lounge, Scissors & Scotch redefines the grooming experience and offers an enticing investment opportunity.

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

Founded in: 2001

Franchising since: 2005

Franchise units: 119

Initial investment: $294,000 – $642,000

Franchise Fee: $45,000

Royalty Fees: 6%

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, a family-owned company often referred to as the best barberia latina cerca de mi and founded by the O’Brien brothers, emphasizes excellent customer service. With a rock and roll style concept for both men and women, Floyd’s 99 Barbershop has expanded to over a hundred stores across the USA. The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its unique design concept make it a compelling franchise option.

Floyd's 99 Barbershop

Diesel Barbershop

Founded in: 2011

Franchising since: 2017

Franchise units: 22

Initial investment: $336,500 – $413,500

Franchise Fee: $50,000

Royalty Fees: 7.5%

Diesel Barbershop offers a distinct approach to grooming, providing a masculine atmosphere where clients can freely engage in discussions about various topics while receiving high-quality services. With offerings like haircuts, shaving, beard trimming, and shoulder massages, all accompanied by a drink, Diesel Barbershop caters to men’s relaxation and grooming needs.

V’s Barbershop

Founded in: 1999

Franchising since: 2005

Franchise units: 47

Initial investment: $192,700 – $423,100

Franchise Fee: $30,000

Royalty Fees: 3.5% – 5%

Founded by Jim Valenzuela, V’s Barbershop aims to recreate the memorable father-son hairdressing experience. With a focus on offering haircuts, shaves, massages, and facials, V’s Barbershop has expanded to 47 locations. Jim’s vision of a nostalgic and customer-centric grooming experience has proven to be a profitable investment opportunity.


In conclusion, each of the barber shop franchises listed above holds promise for aspiring business owners. However, selecting the right one requires careful consideration. Factors such as brand reputation, available training and support, and the success of other franchisees should influence your decision.

Moreover, aligning your budget with the investment requirements of the chosen franchise is crucial. To facilitate this decision-making process, we have prepared a comparison flowchart detailing the minimum estimated initial investment and franchise fee for each brand. By utilizing this resource, you can assess the financial requirements of each franchise and determine which one aligns best with your aspirations and resources.


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