Top 20 Largest Aeropuertos Cerca De Mi in the United States

Top 20 Largest Aeropuertos Cerca De Mi in the United States

As you plan your next trip, it’s crucial to consider the airports you want to use. Most people tend to avoid the busiest ones, but have you ever wondered about the largest ones? It’s interesting to note that the biggest Aeropuertos Cerca De Mi in the U.S aren’t always the busiest. In this article, we delve into the fifteen largest airports in the United States. These transport hubs aren’t only notable for their size but also for their unique features, services, and sometimes, the challenges they pose to travelers.

Denver International Airport, Colorado (DEN)

When considering the largest airports in the U.S., Denver International Airport takes the lead. While it’s only the 5th busiest in terms of passenger traffic, its sheer size is unparalleled. Spanning a whopping 135.69 square kilometers (roughly 52 and a half miles), DEN outclasses others in terms of area. This colossal size allows the airport to accommodate six separate runways, each spaced around 4,200 feet apart for safety purposes. Moreover, DEN’s largest runway also holds the title of being the longest in the United States at 16,000 feet!

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas (DFW)

Occupying about half the size of Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport still stands as the second largest airport in the U.S, stretching over 70 square kilometers. The airport is home to five terminals and 191 gates. The Skylink people mover system efficiently links all the terminals, a part of the airport’s innovative modernization project.

Orlando International Airport, Florida (MCO)

Third on our list is the Orlando International Airport, just thirty minutes from Walt Disney World and various other attractions in this tourist hotspot. Spanning roughly 54 square kilometers, the airport originated from the McCoy U.S. Air Force Base in 1942 and was converted for civil use in 1976. It now accommodates approximately 50 million people annually.

Washington (Dulles) International Airport, Washington, D.C. (IAD)

Dulles International Airport, located in Northern Virginia, boasts of 53 square kilometers of land, making it one of the biggest airports in the U.S. Being 25 miles west of D.C, it’s an accessible gateway to the city, catering to approximately 22 million passengers yearly.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, TX (IAH)

Houston’s main airport, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, ranks fifth on our list. This airport serves as the second-largest hub for United Airlines and accommodates nearly half a million aircraft movements each year. Its large footprint of 40 square kilometers reflects its significance and popularity.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia (ATL)

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, though not among the largest airports in terms of land area, is a bustling hub that sees an impressive flow of passengers each year. It stands as a central transportation hub in the southeastern United States, connecting millions of passengers to their desired destinations. Though the airport’s physical size might not rival some of the behemoths on this list, it makes up for it in terms of efficiency and traffic management.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia (ATL)

Los Angeles International Airport, California (LAX) Los Angeles

International Airport, better known as LAX, is another key player when it comes to large airports in the U.S. As the primary airport serving Los Angeles, LAX sees a vast influx of passengers yearly, making it one of the busiest airports in terms of passenger traffic. From celebrities to business people, tourists, and locals, LAX caters to a diverse crowd, owing to its prime location and excellent connectivity.

McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS)

McCarran International Airport is the primary commercial airport serving the Las Vegas Valley, a major gateway for tourists visiting the entertainment capital. Despite its desert location, McCarran is renowned for its organized structure and modern facilities that cater to a massive number of passengers each year. Its close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip makes it a convenient option for travelers eager to delve into the city’s nightlife and entertainment scene.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Washington (SEA)

Commonly referred to as Sea-Tac, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport serves the West Coast’s Seattle metropolitan area. Despite its relatively smaller size compared to other entries on this list, Sea-Tac manages a high volume of traffic efficiently, making it a favorite among passengers. Its location also provides convenient access to downtown Seattle, offering travelers a smooth transition from air travel to city exploration.

Miami International Airport, Florida (MIA)

Finally, we have the Miami International Airport, which serves as the primary airport for the Miami area. As the gateway to Latin America, Miami International Airport handles a significant amount of international traffic. While its size might not rival some of the larger airports on this list, its strategic location and well-equipped facilities make it an important transportation hub in the southeastern U.S.

Philadelphia International Airport, Pennsylvania (PHL)

The Philadelphia International Airport, one of the popular “aeropuertos cerca de mi” for Pennsylvanians, spans about 5.5 square kilometers and is a bustling hub nestled in the heart of Philadelphia. This airport, while not as sprawling as others on this list, proves the adage that size does not always equate to capability. With a diverse range of facilities and services, it offers a comprehensive travel experience to approximately 30 million passengers every year. It serves as a significant gateway to the city and the broader region, accommodating many domestic and international flights daily.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, Minnesota (MSP)

Strategically located within a stone’s throw from both downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport reigns as the largest aeropuertos cerca de mi and busiest airport in the Upper Midwest region. Covering around 28 square kilometers, this airport not only provides critical transport connections but also contributes significantly to the regional economy. With a passenger volume exceeding 38 million each year, it has developed a reputation for efficiency and a commitment to high-quality passenger experiences.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, Minnesota (MSP)

Logan International Airport, Massachusetts (BOS)

Nestled in East Boston, Logan International Airport holds the distinction of being the largest airport in the New England region. With its area of 10 square kilometers, this airport serves as an essential conduit for passengers entering and exiting the city of Boston and the wider New England area. Handling over 40 million passengers per year, Logan International Airport is well-equipped to cater to the needs of travelers with its wide array of services and facilities.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport, North Carolina (CLT)

As a joint civil-military public international airport, Charlotte Douglas International Airport serves the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, covering a total area of about 13 square kilometers. The airport accommodates over 50 million passengers annually, signifying its role as a critical hub in the southeastern U.S. It’s known for its efficient operations, accessibility, and commitment to customer service.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Florida (FLL)

Located in Broward County, Florida, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is frequently one of the “Aeropuerto cerca de mi” for travelers heading to the Caribbean. Though its area is about 5.5 square kilometers, it punches above its weight, accommodating over 30 million passengers each year. With a range of services catering to diverse traveler needs, this airport effectively balances high traffic volume and passenger comfort.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Arizona (PHX)

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, situated in Phoenix, Arizona, spreads over an area of about 14 square kilometers. Serving approximately 45 million passengers annually, it stands as the busiest airport in the state and one of the busiest in the country. With a strong emphasis on customer service, this airport prides itself on its wide range of facilities and commitment to improving the passenger experience.

Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey (EWR)

Newark Liberty International Airport, although smaller in size compared to its New York counterparts, is one of the main “aeropuertos cerca de mi” for the metropolitan area of New York City residents. But, it plays a crucial role in managing the air traffic for the metropolitan area of New York City. The airport spans around 8.5 square kilometers and serves a staggering 43 million passengers each year. With its strategic location and comprehensive facilities, it continues to be a preferred choice for many travelers.

LaGuardia Airport, New York (LGA)

LaGuardia Airport, though small with an area of only about 2.8 square kilometers, is a giant in terms of its annual passenger volume, LaGuardia Airport, a common result for “aeropuertos cerca de mi” in New York, handles over 30 million travelers each year. Its strategic location and close proximity to Manhattan make it a favored choice among business travelers and tourists alike. Despite its size, it manages to maintain a high level of efficiency and passenger comfort.

LaGuardia Airport, New York (LGA)

Tampa International Airport, Florida (TPA)

Nestled in Hillsborough County, Florida, Tampa International Airport, a result of many Floridians’ “aeropuertos cerca de mi” searches, serves approximately 20 million passengers each year despite its modest size of around 6 square kilometers. Despite its modest size, Known for its top-notch facilities and excellent customer service, this airport continues to be a key player in the state’s air transport infrastructure.

Nashville International Airport, Tennessee (BNA)

The Nashville International Airport, situated in southeastern Nashville, spreads across an area of 20.8 square kilometers. This airport, serving more than 18 million passengers annually, is not just a gateway but a destination in itself. Renowned for its art exhibitions and live music performances, it reflects the city’s vibrant arts scene, offering passengers a unique, culturally rich experience before they even step out of the terminal.


In conclusion, the size of an airport doesn’t always correlate with the number of passengers or flights it handles. Various factors such as location, accessibility, services, and facilities play a significant role in determining an airport’s popularity and functionality. The largest airports in the U.S., such as the Denver International Airport and the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, impress with their sheer size, while others like Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport prove that efficient management can handle high traffic even in comparatively smaller spaces.

So, the next time you’re searching for “aeropuertos cerca de mi,” consider these significant airports, which not only offer extensive flight connectivity but also provide various facilities and services to enhance your travel experience. From the breathtaking views of landing in Denver to the bustling energy of LAX, these airports truly encapsulate the diverse landscapes and vibrant cities of the United States.

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